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Curb Stomp – Für Immer 7″

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stompCurb Stomp are a rising star in the German Oi! scene. Despite being not very productive yet they managed to build up a positive reputation last few years.
In 2013 the band released their (sold out) debut EP ‘Ruhrpott Skinheads’, and after some delay the band came up with this follow up release.

The title song and A-side of this 7″ was already circulating on youtube for a while when the band made a video featuring guest appearances by Suede Razors, Lion’s Law, Shaved Heads and The Prowlers.

Für Immer (‘For Ever’) is a good streetpunk song with a catchy singalong chorus and – despite being German – they manage to avoid that typical german Oi! sound.

My favourite song is on the flipside: Lucky Lucas. A midtempo song starting off with rockabilly style drums which develops into a good 90ies styled streetpunk with variety in the vocals and guitar lines that avoid the clichés as well.

Even though my knowledge of the German language is kinda poor, I still regret they didn’t include a lyric sheet as Lucky Lucas includes some nice football related winks, but apart from this i can only be enthusiastic about this young German SHARP band.

Fans of bands like Oxymoron, The Wretched Ones or Vanilla Muffins can buy this piece of wax blindly.



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Curb Stomp – Fur Immer 7″


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