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45 Adapters (USA – Maximum Oi’N’B)

Next up is an interview with 45 Adapters from Brooklyn, New York. The band plays Maximum Oi’n’B sounding like a truck full of Cock Sparrer records crashing into a truck full of Otis Redding. I had a chat with Craig (bass) at the eve of their European tour.
September 2015 – band website
Hi Craig, can you please introduce the band to us?
Certainly!  On Drums we have Chris, James on Guitar, David on Guitar, Myself, Craig on Bass and backing vox, and the showstopper, Gerrard/Pickabar on Vocals and Guitar in a pinch!!

You guys played in bands like The Traditionals and Bottom Of The Barrel before, which are more straight forward Oi! outfits while 45 Adapters moved away from the more traditional bootboy punk sounds. Is this something you intended to do or just something that happened?
Speaking for all of us, I just think as we aged and got to be better musicians our tastes grew.  As a result Gerrard had a vision of this band encompassing skinhead bands and black dance music, which we feel is it’s basis. I think the songs reflect that and I could not be happier with them.  At this point in life I have no interest in playing the straight forward Oi! sound. Just usually not my cup of tea anymore, although I love the music the Traditionals are doing!  Love those guys!

Last year you released your first 12″, Patriots Not Fools. How are the reactions to it?
Reactions have been very positive overall, but I think some Europeans get a bit confused with the theme of the title track. We are American. We love our country, but not what our government has always done in the past and present.  The government here changes, but always seems to screw over the average person. I think this song covers that. Also, the Donkey and Elephant are symbols of the main Government parties here.


Politics are always a bit a hot potato in the skinhead scene, yet with a title like Patriots Not Fools you seem to speak out. Why is this subject so important for you?
Well, a lot of times not liking your government equated to not liking your country, not supporting your armed services, etc. This is not the case for us, and this song addresses that. We love our country, but we do not care for the government. No matter who you vote for they do not have your best interests in mind.
Gerrard: Unity and diversity shouldn’t mean that everyone has to be the same or that we ignore our differences. I’m proud of my city and my country, but that has nothing to do with disliking anyone else.

Playing the devils advocate here: what’s your view on the thesis that
patriotism and class pride bite eachother?

Speaking personally I have very little interest in politics. I usually get patriotic about the US National Soccer Team. I’d rather watch a boxing match or sports than get involved with politics these days. I just have no interest in it.

You guys come from New York, how is the scene there these days? Everyone knows about CBGB’s closing down and it’s also years ago since Coxsone Dodd passed away and his recordshop closed…
The scene here is still very vital. While CBGB’s and other well-known New York punk clubs have sadly been bought by fashion designers and coffee shops, there are still some great clubs in Brooklyn. We regularly play at a great club called Grand Victory in Brooklyn who are very supportive of us and music in general. Also Don Pedro’s in Brooklyn is another great spot.  We still have a lot of clubs that have been open to our band and others in that vein.


Your music comes from an Oi! background, but what are top 3 non-Oi!
records you bought this year?

Perfect!!! The Above- Waterbury St. A Great Mod band we gig with on occasion.
I’ve been on a Dr. Feelgood kick, so Down on the Jetty would be on there.  I’ve been on a Stax kick as well, very into the old Bar Kays. Unfortunately I just don’t listen to much new music. Shame on me!!

Do you play covers live? Are there bands that you like to pay tribute
to? If so, which bands or songs would that be?

In the past we have gravitated towards playing R’n’B covers. We have played Slow Down by Larry Williams and I’m Crying originally done by the Animals and Little Bob Story, and Softly, Softly by the Equals.

On this tour we are doing I Need a Witness by the Little Roosters and Ain’t To Proud to Beg by the Temptations. Hopefully those will go over well.

You’re planning a new European tour very soon. Can you tell a bit about it?
We fly out on Sept. 30th to play in Europe for 2 weeks. To say we are excited is an understatement!!! This is a dream come true for all of us.  We have been playing in bands off and on for 20 years. This is our first extended tour like this.

We are very excited in meeting new and old friends and spreading our sound more to Europe!! Overall the continent really appreciates music, and makes us feel welcome.

Do you have any closing comments?
Thank you so much for the interview, Paul. We always love to do interviews.  Right now we are focused on our European Tour, but will be back to recording again and looking forward to future gigs and tours!! Be sure to contact us at Facebook if you have any questions on merchandise or booking.

Thank you so much for the time, and Don’t Trust Anyone who Doesn’t Dance!!

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