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Contingent Anonyme (France – Oi!)

And yet another interview with another French band. I’m aware of the high number of French bands here lately, yet quality can’t be ignored. Founded in 2005, but the band finally released their debut album in 2014. I came across their Ad Gloriam LP a few times but it wasn’t until a live gig earlier this year that i picked up their album. All questions were answered by Val (vocals).
June 2015 – band website

Can you please introduce the band to us?
Contingent Anonyme began in September 2005. We’re from Reims (French city in Champagne, 200 km east of Paris). Many members played before in bands like Usual Suspects or Bad Riot. We released 2 CD demos, 1 EP 4 tracks, played more than 60 gigs with the Oppressed, Inner Terrestrials, Subsistance, Enraged Minority… Last year we released our first album Ad Gloriam and it was a real satisfaction for us.

What does the band name mean?
When we began the group, we had to find a name (hard and important mission for every band isn’t it?). I proposed this name cause it’s a song from my favorite French band La Souris Déglinguée (Rock’n’roll vengeance since 1979!). Contingent Anonyme is on the Banzaï LP and it means Anonymous Squad.

Last year you released your debut album Ad Gloriam, are you happy with the result?
Yeah! There’s a lot of work, hours of rehearsal, we made all visual conception (with the great artwork of Paskal of course)… It was a lot of time and energy but we’re really proud! Ad Gloriam gives us chances to play many gigs even in other countries like Switzerland or Belgium.


I was pleasantly surprised you also have a few songs in English. Is it difficult for you to express yourself in English instead of French?
At the beginning of the band, we decided to sing in French. In a band called The (Blasted) Angels we made before, all songs were in English so we chose the French language for Contingent X. I wrote the lyrics and French is my mother tongue, so it’s easier to express feelings or revolt for example. We’re a French band and we mainly play in France so French is natural I think. On the LP the song So Foot is in English cause it’s about English football so I chose Kevin Keegan’s language. We also make covers in gigs like Good Night White Pride or Heart Full Of Pride.

The cover artwork of the Ad Gloriam LP shows a cartoon of a Roman army. Does this cartoon refers to past battles or to battles to be fought in today’s society? if so, which?
The cartoon can be about Trojan warriors too… This great artwork drawn by Paskal is based on a simple idea: showing that real skinheads must be proud of their culture and must be ready to defend it against all fascists or bullshit medias. In history people have always needed to fight to survive. Today working class and all the real people are surrounded by a lot of enemies: politicians, fascists, capitalists, religious fanatics… We must try not to step backward, for us, our friends, our families and our scene.


You exist since 2005, looking back, what is your most memorable gig so far?
Very difficult question! We’ve got a lot of great memories, lot of fun with friends in Reims, the north of France and other places. It’s a pleasure to play with great bands and discover they’re good guys too as Inner Terrestrials (RIP Paco) or Enraged Minority for example.

A gig was a terrible memory for us. It was when a hooded nazi squad attacked our gig with baseball bats and molotov cocktail in our town. It was very quick and violent. Few people were wounded by these cowards. Awful night but we’re still here… Ni Oubli, Ni Pardon !

Val, you also publish the zine La Faute A Qui?, can you tell something more about the zine?
I began my first fanzine with a friend at the end of the 90iess. After 4 issues we stopped but I quickly wanted to make another zine. It was the birth of La Faute à Qui? and now I’m working on number 16. Few friends help me for chronicles or articles. It requires a lot of passion, time and work but I like it, so I continue!

Do you have any closing comments?
Thanks a lot for your interest and all your involvement for our scene. Take care and see ya soon!

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Contingent Anonyme – Ad Gloriam LP


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