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Glory Days (Poland – Oi!)

Glory Days are a new three-piece Oi!/streetpunk based in Warsaw, Poland. Inspired by classic bands like Blitz or Attack, yet with a modern approach not unlike bands as Criminal Damage or Battle Ruins. The band just released their debute demo on vinyl and are working on new releases.
April 2015 – band website

Please introduce the band to us…
Piotr: We are Glory Days from Warsaw, Poland. We started around the beginning of 2014, but with a different drummer. The current lineup is: Hubert on bass and vocals, Arek on drums and me on guitar and vocals.

I’d like to think you’re named after a Bruce Springsteen song, a singer who is – in my opinion – highly underrated in the punk scene. Is this correct?
Hubert: Well, I really like Bruce Springsteen and, of course, I know the song, but th name just came to my mind as a good name for the band. It sounds good, at least for me haha.

Some members played in HC bands before like Government Flu or Reality Check. When and how did you decide to start an Oi! inspired band? Does it feel like going back to your musical roots or was it a natural development?
Hubert: Well, neither. We are into so many kinds of music and, of course, we used to listen to Oi! bands back in the days and we still do, but the idea for a band just popped up out of nowhere really. Piotr had some tunes already made, and we just talked the other day and between one beer and another we decided to meet to play few songs and check how it will sound. And it sounds good, I hope.

Piotr: We clearly do have a more hardcore punk-oriented background. Hubert played the bass in Government Flu, Arek was a drummer in Reality Check, and I played the guitar in Last Item and Identity. But as far as I’m concerned, I’ve been listening to Oi! and 77/82 punk ever since I got into the punk scene, so it’s rather going back to my musical roots in a way. I’ve wanted to start this kind of band for a long time, but there was never a right time for that. 

But it can also be treated as a natural form of development… you know, me and Hubert are in our thirties now, Arek is in his forties – so too fast-paced music seems too fast for us now, we need steadier rhythms haha.


Last summer you released a demo on cassette. Why did you choose for this vintage format? Is it still popular in Poland?
Hubert: It was cheap and I think tapes are cool, I grew up listening to cassettes. Some bands release their demo material on tapes here in Poland yeah and everything is available in the web anyway, so you can choose whatever format you like, I guess.

When I think of Poland I think of borscht (or barszcz) but not of Oi! music. Apart from Ramzes & The Hooligans, Analogs or a newer band like Lazy Class i can’t think of many other Polish Oi! bands. How is the current scene there?
Piotr: Barszcz with dumplings – the classic! The Polish Oi! scene is not too big, unlike the hardcore/punk scene as a whole which is in a really good shape. Lazy Class is the best example of a new-school street punk band that’s both really enjoyable to listen to, and at the same time is not affiliated with any ‘shady’ bands/labels. This year they are playing a number of gigs together with Analogs, by the way. I can add to the list also Max Cady, Blitzed, The Sandals, Bad Look Records label, Dead Press online zine, and few other names. There are also a handful of bands that call themselves apolitical, but in fact tend to lean towards the far right, so nothing interesting about them.

The Dutch record label Aggrobeat just released your demo on 7″ vinyl. Do you have plans for more releases?
Piotr: Sure we do. We have four new songs recorded at the beginning of the year that decided to split into two different releases. The first one will be a split single with Dead End Street from Italy, which should hit the streets in early July, and the second one will be a three-song EP. All on Aggrobeat!


The cliché about Oi! and streetpunk bands is they should sing about their ‘way of life’, ‘drinking’, ‘riots’, etc. I don’t want to ridicule the more standard Oi! lyrics but with themes like moving forward in life or (old) friendships, you stay far away from these themes. What inspires you to write these lyrics?
Piotr: Got you point. Lyrics are written by both me and Hubert, and it comes out naturally that some are more, let’s say, socially-aware, but not political, and some relate to personal stuff. For example The Line is about rising popularity of radical ideas and the mess they do with minds of young lads. Now, in Poland you can observe kind of a trend for being ultra-patriotic or nationalistic, and not rarely also racist.

Young people are starting to support far right parties, because they are easily lured by the shit the so-called leaders are stuffing their heads with – all the ready-prepared solutions, lists of enemies – but it all looks superficial – you know, the more radical you seem to be, the better. On the other hand, lyrics to Trapped by Hate were in part inspired by the events in Syria and Iraq, especially the acts of Islamic fanatics and ISIS. And of course, another topic would be the everyday struggle of a lad that tries to make ends meet, so the scope is wide.

Hubert: It was always about speaking your mind, and I am really happy that you think we are not into any clichés. That is nice. We like songs about drinking and football, though.

It’s obvious you’re influenced by the full and loud sound of Blitz, are there more Oi! bands you consider as a source of inspiration or is your sound also a result of your HC background?
Piotr: Yeah, definitely British classics like Blitz or Red Alert, hardcore background in a way too, but also the American Oi! and streetpunk like Anti-Heros, Forced Reality, Bonecrusher and modern outfits like Battle Ruins or Hammer And The Nails and other stuff we listen to.

Hubert: Well, you cannot just split one from another if you played in HC punk bands for most of your life. But I think this is something that makes our band stand out.

Do you have any closing comments?
Hubert: Thank you very much for being interested in our band. Check us out and support your local scene!
Piotr: Thanks a lot for this interview and good luck with the webzine and the Aggrobeat label! See you on a gig somewhere, hopefully. Cheers!

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Glory Days – Glory Days EP


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