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Aggroshop.com newsletter 17 (august 2014)

Welcome to the 17th newsletter from AGGROSHOP.com
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Earlier this year we presented a new webstore and more recently we also moved to a new office. We’re pretty excited with the extra storage room. It provides us the necesarry space to grow further in the future.

In meantime we have been popping out some very, very exciting releases!

ABEP010 – The Warriors: Dead To Me b/w No One Provokes Me 7″ (piss yellow vinyl)
ABEP011 – Surgery Without Research / No Man’s Land: split EP (white vinyl)
ABEP012 – No Man’s Land / The Young’s Boot: Malang Skinhead E.P. (red vinyl)
ABEP013 – Angelic Upstarts / The Prowlers: split 7″ (black vinyl)
ABLP015 – Foreign Legion: Light At The End Of The Tunnel LP (green/red splatter)
ABLP016 – The Prowlers: On The Run 10″ LP (grey/red splatter)
ABCD017 – The Bois: High On Oi! CD (digipack)
ABCD018 – The Bois: The Pride Of Lion City double CD




New items august 2014 (click at the titles to view the item in our webstore)

Angelic Upstarts / Prowlers, The – split 7″ 6.00 euro
(unreleased recording from A.U. and an exclusice song from The Prowlers)

The Bois – High On Oi! CD 11.00 euro
(Oi from Singapore, third album, remastered)

The Bois – The Pride Of Lion City double CD 14.00 euro
(Reissue of 1st and 2nd album from 2003 and 2004, remixed & remastered in 2014)

Foreign Legion – Light At The End Of The Tunnel LP 12.00 euro
(Welsh veteran Oi! band. Founded in 1984. Green/red splatter vinyl)

No Man’s Land / The Young’s Boot – Malang Skinhead E.P. 5.50 euro
(Indonesian Oi! on both sides, red vinyl)

The Prowlers – On The Run 10″ LP 11.50 euro
(Straight in your face brickwall Oi! with antifascist lyrics. Grey/red splatter)

Surgery Without Research / No Man’s Land – split EP 5.50 euro
(UK82-styled punk feat. Andy from The Warriors / Indonesian Oi!, white vinyl)

The Warriors – Dead To Me 7″ 6.00 euro
(Two new songs on a 45er. Europress on yellow, US press on red vinyl)


foreignlegion malang skinhead angelic upstarts


8°6 Crew ‎- The Oi! Years EP 6 euro
(French ska band, their Oi! years. Reissued from 1999)

Angelic Upstarts – Brighton Bomb EP 5.50 euro
(English punk classic! Originally released in 1985 as 12″ EP)

Angelic Upstarts – Machine Gun Kelly EP 5.50 euro
(English punk classic! Originally released in 1984 as 12″ EP)

Angelic Upstarts – Reason Why? LP 12 euro
(The fifth studio album. Often described as their best!)

Anthrax / Burnt Cross – split EP 5.50 euro
(English anaracho punk, black wax)

Arrested Denial / The Bayonets – split EP 5.50 euro
(Serbian/German friendship. Two tracks from each band)

Bishops Green – s/t 12″ 12 euro
(The debute 12″, third pressing on oxblood red)

Bishops Green – Pressure LP 15 euro
(Pure class from Canada. 10 new songs, gatefold cover, green vinyl, UV spot lack etc)

Bishops Green – Pressure CD 10 euro
(10 new songs with hardhitting and melodic streetpunk, CD issue)

Bootstroke – EP 6 euro
(Greek’s finest hooligan rock’n’roll, back in stock!)

Booze & Glory – As Bold As Brass LP 15 euro
(3th album, black wax, gatefold cover + poster)

Booze & Glory – As Bold As Brass CD 13.50 euro
(The new album, 12 songs + a bonus track. Guest vocals by Watford Jon (Argy Bargy))

Brassknuckle Boys – Anthology double CD 14 euro
(Blue colour streetpunk. The Bruisers meets Stiff Little Fingers. Double CD)

Cockney Rejects – Hammer 4CD-box 21.50 euro
(the band’s rock era + a bonus raritities CD)

Concrete – Subculture Street Trooper EP 6 euro
(US Brickwall Oi!/street rock f.f.o. Battle Ruins / Hammer And The Nails)

Concrete – We’re all subculture street troopers CD 8 euro
(CD issue feat 7 songs from their 12″EP (2013) and 7″ (2014))

Control – Trouble On The Streets EP 5.50 euro
(Three song debute EP. Hooligan rock’n’roll)

Gimp Fist / Hounds & Harlots – split EP 6 euro
(Quality streetpunk from England and the USA, black wax)

Grade 2 – Broken Youth EP 6 euro
(English Oi!, debute EP)

Hard Evidence – Last One Standing CD 10 euro
(Superb melodic streetpunk / Oi! F.f.o. Cock Sparrer, Brassknuckle Boys & The Crack)

Hard Times – Paris Skinhead Glory Live LP 13 euro
(Oi! band from paris, live album)

Harrington Saints – Bettin’ On A Longshot LP 13 euro
(The singles collection, solid red or mustard yellow wax)

Harrington Saints – Bettin’ On A Longshot LP 13 euro
(The singles collection, solid red or mustard yellow wax)

Hateful – Reasons To Be Hateful LP 12 euro
(Scottish finest! The Clash meets the UK Subs. Finally available on vinyl!)

Hawkins Thugs – My Own Path EP 6 euro
(Streetpunk from the Basque Country, debute release. Already a favourites!)

Iron City Hooligans – Armored Saints 12″ maxi EP 11.50 euro
(Pittsburgh skins bring some fine brickwall Oi!)

Marching Orders – Living Proof CD 10.50 euro
(Streetpunk from Australia. Probably one of the best albums from 2013)

Midnight Tattoo – True Sound Of Punk EP 6 euro
(Streetpunk from Antwerpen, Belgium. Second EP)

The Movement – Outrage EP 5.50 euro
(The band that likes to say no! Denish hardmod, four new songs)

Oldfashioned Ideas – Don’t believe a word they say LP 12 euro
(Third album from these boys from Sweden. Uptempo Oi!, good stuff!)

On File – Breaking Rules LP 11 euro
(cottish Oi! third album on blue wax)

The Oppressed / Enraged Minority – Live LP 12 euro
(7 songs on both sides, live in Germany 2012, good sound!)

The Oppressed / Enraged Minority – Live LP 10 euro
(CD issue)

The Prowlers / Produzenten Der Froide – split LP 12 euro
(Brickwall Oi! from Canada and Germany)

Razorblade – My Name Is Vengeance LP 12 euro
(Dutch Oi! seventh(!) album)

Scab Coma – Scab Coma EP 5.50 euro
(long awaited debut 7″. Montreal Oi!, sounds like classic French Oi!)

Stage Bottles – One World, One Crew EP 5.50 euro
(One of the best German streetpunk bands! Exclusive version + 3 new songs!)

Stealers – Stealers LP 12 euro
(mix of rock, rock ‘n’ roll, glam, punk and oi! topped off with that typical Rotterdam edge)

Streets Of Rage / Action Sedition 10″ EP 10 euro
(Oi! from France and Quebec (Canada))

Suede Razors – Bootboy Anthems EP 6 euro
(SF Bootboy rock’n’roll feat. members from Harrington Saints, Sydney Ducks, Hounds & Harlots)

Sun City Skins – Viejo Orgullo, Nueva Gloria EP 6 euro
(Oi! from Mexico, black or gold vinyl)

Tail Gunner – Sound Track Of Our Lives 10″ LP 11.50 euro
(Canadian streetrock’n’roll)

Vanilla Muffins – The Triumph Of Sugar Oi! LP 13 euro
(sugar Oi! compilation with one new song)

Vanilla Muffins – The Triumph Of Sugar Oi! CD 12 euro
(sugar Oi! CD issue)

The Warriors – The Full Monty CD 11 euro
(Reissue of their debute album featuring four bonus track)

What We Feel – To Continue Or Give Up? EP 5.50 euro
(Hardcore punk from Moscow)

Various – Brasil Oi! CD 10 euro
(9 Brazilian Oi! bands, 18 songs)

Various – Chaos in Catalonia LP 12 euro
(7 bands, 15 songs)

Various – Somos Los Oppressed LP + CD 12 euro
(South American tribute to The Oppressed. LP + CD with booklet)


bishopsgreen Chaos In Catalonia vanilla muffins



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