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HAWKINS THUGS (Basque Country – Oi!)

A few months ago Hawkins Thugs from the Basque Country came up with their debute EP. The band made a huge impression with their skinhead rock’n’roll influenced by bands such as The Templars and The Janitors. All questions were answered by Aritz (vocals).
August 2014 – band website


Can you please introduce the members to us?
Actually the only original members in the band are Little Aritz on the bass and Aritz on vocals.

We don’t have a very stable formation so sometimes our new member Harri plays guitar or the drums, that depends on if we have a guitar player for the upcoming show or not. For example in our next show in the BBC Harri will play the guitar coz our original drummer Jhonny is going to play with us. That’s also the reason we can’t play much gigs until we get a stable formation.

As for our jobs, we all work in a factory, cause we live in a industrial area in here.

You just released the EP ‘My Own Way’. Was this your first release?
My own path was our first release. When we started playing after the summer of 2012, we made five practices and we did our first new songs. So after that we went to the studio with just five practice sessions to record our debut release. Maybe we did all really fast, but in that stuff we got the sound that we like for our band.


How are the first reactions on the EP?
The first reactions are good and we’re satisfied to get a label like Contra records, and to share our music around Europe and other countries around the world, in the scene that we love and believe it.

Many bands from the Spanish State i listen to add lots of metal and hardcore influences to their music while your main influence is plain Oi! Oi! music. Does this make you an outsider in the scene over there?
We don’t think that we’re an outsider band. We are just playing the sound that we really love for an Oi! Band, simple rock’n’roll with clear guitars and melodic chorus. This is our formule.

About the scene, we have got a good relation of many bands of the state like, Secret Army, Penny cocks, Rude pride and more bands.. We have also friends that they are playing in HC, psychobilly, garage or punk rock bands around the state.


You hail from the Basque part of the Spanish State. The struggle for independence always took an important role in Basque society. Does this struggle create tension within the the scene in the Spanish State as well?
You’re right, like Basques we want the independence of our country, also Catalans are fighting to get it. We are all fighting to be free someday so step by step we think that our day will come.

So like we told to you before, we haven’t got troubles with the rest of the Bands in our scene, of course we mean ‘our scene’, not other scenes. We are not interested in other scenes.


You’ll be playing at the Barcelona Beach, Beer & Chaos Fest. Can you tell us something about this fest cause the line-up looks very impressive!
Yeah we will be there. We are going to play on saturday, we will share the stage with The Crack, Booze & Glory, Lion’s Law and Aggressive Combat. Everyday the line-up is really cool, with fucking great bands and the party will be great. It’s summer, good Oi! bands, beach, beer and chaos!! What else you need?

Do you have any closing comments?
we would like to say thanks to you for your interest and support of Hawkins Thugs and to all the people who support us! Never forget the struggle!!




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Hawkins Thugs – My Own Path EP


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