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The Warriors – The Full Monty CD

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warriors I have the policy i don’t review records that i’m personally involved in through my label (Aggrobeat Records) so i coudn’t review all of the recent releases from The Warriors.

The Full Monty was actually the debute album from The Warriors and originally released in 1996. I still have the LP at home and when i read the vinyl version was released in a ‘limited edition’ of 1250 copies i can easily say those were the good days of the Oi! genre.

But back to The Full Monty. Warriors vocalist Graham Saxby is probably best known for being the original singer of The Last Resort, but after one demo he left the band after which bass player Roi took over vocals. When the original members Arthur Kitchener and Saxby want to do some Last Resort reunions in the mid 90ies they found out Roi had the copyright on the bandname so they quickly adopted the bandname The Warriors.

The Full Monty album was recorded with the ‘classic’ line-up featuring – alongside Kitchener and Saxby – Daryl Smith (later in Argy Bargy and Cock Sparrer) on guitar and Dustin Burgess (later in Argy Bargy) on drums.

The original issue of the album featured songs like Free Reggie Kray, Garry Bushell, Marlon Brando, Perfect Crime and other classics you can probably sing a long with.

This reissue comes with four bonus tracks. An original version of the song Warriors (Come Out To Play), Here To Stay, Dancing With Douglas Bader (famous english WWII pilot) and The Business cover Justice Not Politics.

I regret that people often see The Warriors as ‘that ex-Last Resort’ band especially when an album like this proves the band has so much more to offer. Compared to the current line-up these songs sound a bit more subdued (especially Saxby’s vocals), but a little more melodic than their recent albums.

This reissue comes in a 6-panel digipack and is limited to 500 copies. No rating here as it’s a reissue, but if you still don’t own this album this reissue is your change chance to make it up.




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