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The Movement – Outrage EP

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outrage The Movement from Denmark where founded in 2002 by Lukas Sherfig. Right from the start the band tried to create a mixture of (hard)mod, powerpop and soul, but reality was the band’s main following came from the punk scene. Most gigs were supported by punk bands and the band’s albums were released through punk labels as well. Frontman Sherfig always hoped the band could emerge from the punk scene and be a sort of platform to spread his Marxist views towards a wider audience.

In 2005 the band released their second full-lenght: Revolutionary Sympathies, all punk and ska influences which were presented on previous recordings were replaced for a soulfull approach with fantastic pop songs like A Little Rain, My Street and the fantastic Squeeze cover Is That Love.

However, this didn’t lead to the wider audience the band was hoping for. Not much later the band quit but reformed a few years later to release a third full length. With a new line-up the band decided to forget about previous ambitions of emerging away from the punk scene and now they try to do what they do best: playing energetic music influenced by hardmod, powerpop and punk music.

The Outrage EP delivers four new songs of uptempo hardmod accompanied by Lukas’ characteristic vocals not unlike the band’s debute album – Move! – from 2003. The drummer and bass player are top musicians and the band plays tight as ever.

On the B-side the band opens with a more subdued song It’s All In Your Mind with a female background choir and continues with Smashing Up The World which somehow reminds me a little to their 2003 song Control Your Temper.

Although i still consider the Revolutionary Sympathies album as the best the band has made i don’t consider their hardmod- or punk driven direction as a step backwards. On the contrary! The enthusiasm and the energy of the songs proves that the band can be the platform they want to be.



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