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Recently Hard Evidence from St.Louise, USA, released their Last One Standing 12″. The band made an excellent impression with their debute release on which they showed an interesting mixture of bands like Cock Sparrer, The Brassknuckle Boys and The Crack. All questions were answered by Nate (bass) with smart additions from Ryan (vocals).
July 2014 – band website


First the usual… Can you please introduce the band to us?
Nate: I’m Nate, I play bass. I work as a graphic designer and illustrator and have played in The Bridgeburners (Dim Records, Germany), The Supermen (12” record released later this year on the Turbojugend sponsored Self Destructo Records) and Pist ‘n’ Broke/Southpaw Manners (Randale Records, Germany).

Ryan is our vocalist, and is a boss tattoo artist who sang for the Dead Ends, a local St. Louis punk band from 2003. They put out a killer 7” that we sell at our shows. That’s the only place to pick one up. It’s a great record and there aren’t too many left!

Luke is on guitar. He works as a brick layer and is in school. He played with me in and Pist ‘n’ Broke/Southpaw Manners. Dave is on drums and is a high school art teacher. He played for Pist ‘n’ Broke as well. We all decided we wanted to do something other than Pist ‘n’ Broke and moved on, started writing songs and called up Ryan. We loved The Dead Ends back when they were playing and he was able to jump right in. It was a great fit!

Ryan: I needed a place to stay and the practice space was only 27 dollars a month. I’m already in the room when they show up, so i just keep practicing with them.

How should we write your band name, as i saw different variations and logo’s so far and why did you pick up this band name?
Nate: We go by Hard Evidence. The whole ‘ard Ev. thing is more of a joke amongst ourselves. We are heavily inspired by early British punk and Oi!, so it was just us goofing around with a cockney accent. Plus it fit with the Adidas trefoil better than our whole name spelled out. It’s that simple really!

Ryan: It confuses white people.

You just released the 12″ Last One Standing. How’s the feedback on the album?
Nate: We’ve heard great things so far! The record is currently getting its second pressing. The first pressing sold out in just over a month! The second pressing will have slightly different art and new colors of vinyl, so if you’re a collector nerd like me, you’ll want to grab them up! We’re really proud of that record.

We had some things to say that we felt needed to be said. Some negative, some positive. We all love The Crack and their take on music. They had a lot of really positive songs and didn’t act like a bunch of tough guys all the time. That spoke to us. The whole angry tough guy thing has felt a little played out to us. It seems people would have a little more to say by now, right? There is a lot going on in the world… Plus we’re getting too old for all that posturing now!

Ryan: I’m pissed off they don’t sell space ice cream everywhere. I’m working on the lyrics right now.


Judging by the artwork and band pics i saw you’re inspired by the casual subculture. This is a subculture i mostly associate with England and other European countries. Is this subculture also growing in the US and can you tell a bit more about it?
Nate: It honestly just dawned on us one day. We were all standing around at practice and were laughing because we were all wearing black shirts, Sambas and cargo shorts. We looked like we were wearing a uniform, which is ironic considering this is supposed to be a rebellious culture, right? Skinheads have their uniform, punks have theirs, and older guys like us that are done with the streetpunk and skinhead look start to look a certain way as well.

Subculture fashion is silly and ironic. Our take on it was a nod to the casual culture, but also us laughing at the whole bootboy thing. Skinheads can sing about their boots, we are going to champion our comfy, casual (literally) Adidas. All the punk fashion is too uncomfortable. Give me shorts and tennis shoes any day! St. Louis is too damn hot for sweater vests and leather jackets!

Ryan: Goodwill skinheads is the name of the look. Goodwill is the name of a store where they hire crippled single mothers to sell broken toys and pee stained clothing that’s already been used by a person of average or above average income. The shit is not expensive. We wait for the new shipments to come in and fight off crackheads for our lightly used Adidas. It’s worth it.

The world cup almost ended, Team USA were one of the countries with the best and most positive tactics. Does a tournament like this help with promoting football in the US?
Nate: I waited too long to answer your questions and the World Cup is over, but I think it does. Especially when the US is in it. We have a bar called The Amsterdam in St. Louis that is the best place to go watch a match. You feel like you’re in another country when a big game is going on in there. People are singing and going off like they’re in Europe. It’s a fun thing to do even if you don’t like the sport. Whenever people are having that good a time, it’s just a blast to be around them. Go where the party is, right?! Also, I’m glad Germany won!

Ryan: I don’t know shit about sports…


Next to bands as Iron City Hooligans, Concrete, OFC, etc you’re another new quality band from the USA. Older bands like Patriot and Fatskins also came back. Is the US scene on the rise again or did we in Europe had a blind spot on the overseas scene?
Nate: Yeah, the states are definitely on an upswing. We have festivals like TNT, Live and Loud, and Punk Rock Bowling that are featuring a lot of great bands, big and small. Europe has great stuff as always though. It’s our goal to eventually make it over there, possibly next summer.

Do you have any future plans? I heard something about a reissue of your debute 12″…7.
Nate: The 12” is being repressed, but we also have a split 7” coming out on Longshot/Rebellion with The Butcher Boys from Australia. That is the side project of the singer of The Corps. We have two new songs on it, one of which can also be heard on the Voi!ce of America vol.4 7 inch on Oi! The Boat records with Sniper 66, Concrete, and Die Trying.

Other than that, we are excited about TNT this year. We play on Saturday night, sharing the stage with some of my favorites like The Partisans, Cro-Mags and Judge. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Ryan: Our records are like Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all, son!




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Hard Evidence – Last One Standing CD


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