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Suede Razors – Bootboys Anthems EP

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The Suede Razors are a new band, but ‘new’ is relatively when you consider the band exists of members of veteran bands like Harrington Saints, Sydney Ducks and Hounds & Harlots. This side-project tends to move away from their punk background and is inspired by the sound of pub rock, hard mod and glamrock bands from the mid and late 70ies.

While playing these EP – although actually it’s a single – it reminds me of bands like Eddie & The Hot Rods, The Count Bishops (their self titled 1977 album!), Slade, The Circles, The Purple Hearts, etc. Yet with one major difference, the main vocals as well as the sing a long chorusses exposes they remain a punk band.

I’m a sucker for Oi! and punk music but the genre (and me as well!) needs bands like these to keep it alive and moving. This EP breathes the power and energy that you’d expect from an Oi! or punk band yet with a wider range of musical references. Usually they describe this kind of music as skinhead rock’n’roll these days. But i think it’s so much more and so much better than that!





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Suede Razors – Bootboy Anthems EP


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