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Iron City Hooligans – Armored Saints 12″

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IRC I’m not sure when this band was formed but the boys hail from Pittsburgh, USA. The city is known for the production of steel which should explain the band name.

In 2012 the band released a debute CD through Rebellion Records from Europe. Two years later the band is back with a new release. The CD version comes as an eight song mini CD while the vinyl version comes as a 12″ EP.

Although i have their debute CD somewhere in my collection i didn’t played it very often. It was definitely not a bad album, but it wasn’t earthshaking either. Their selftitled debute album was just a decent Oi! album which sounded like many English Oi! bands from the mid 80ies.

Their new 12″ does a better job to me. The band already had a rough sound with the growling vocals but with the addition of some more rock and metal influences the new 12″ turned out rougher and louder than their debute. I can imagine not everyone likes it but to me it works out well.

The guitar lines (and solo) in a song like Fight sound a lot like Iron Maiden, but a few other songs have this typical sound as well. The re-recorded versions of Never Heard and In The Dirt show how the band developed their sound.

I’m pretty sure a band like this will do well in countries like Germany or England and if you own some early Step 1, Oi! Records or Link releases you can probably appreciate this band as well.





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Iron City Hooligans – Armored Saints 12″ EP


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