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Anthrax / Burnt Cross – split EP

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anthrax Apart from Oi! & streetpunk i enjoy early reggae, straight edge hardcore, some early metal, UK82, some country & folk and of course anarcho-punk! A band like Conflict never appealed much to me – except for their mighty Against All Odds 12″! – it was and is Crass that always had my full interest. Their Feeding Of The 5000 and Stations Of The Crass albums are true classics and it’s no coincidence a band like The Business used the cover their songs.

Next to the band the people from Crass runned a selfnamed recordlabel that released material from excellent bands such as Dirt, Flux Of Pink Indians, Honey Bane and of course Anthrax. Between 1981 and 1983 the band released a demo and a few singles before calling it day. Years and years later the band reformed. Some older bands who reform are emberassing while others manage to match the same energy as in the past. Anthrax fits in this last category.

Their self-released All For The Cause LP was an excellent release and fed my expectations for this split EP. Actually i can be very short about it, The Beg Society is an excellent song which holds all ingredienst you expect. The guitar sound, powerfull vocals and critical lyrics. Just pure class!

The other side holds two new songs from Burnt Cross. I bought some of their stuff in the past but they never really convinced me. The guitars are a bit too metal for my taste and the drum computer couldn’t please me neither. Although i’m still not fully convinced i have to admit i’m positively surprised by these two new songs. Especially their song The Inner Revolutionist makes a good impression to me, also cause the guitar line reminds me to one of the better Conflict songs.

45 / 35




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Anthrax / Burnt Cross – split EP


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