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Midnight Tattoo – True Sound Of Punk EP

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After a demo in 2011, a debute EP in 2013 and various gigs with bands such as The Warriors, Booze & Glory, Hounds & Harlots, Lion’s Law and Cock Sparrer the band is back with a new EP. Their True Sound Of Punk EP continues where their debute has left off: Oi! / streetpunk inspired by the likes of Evil Conduct, Booze & Glory as well as a Belgium band like The Agitators.

The band’s music is simple but effective and for a punk or Oi! band i never consider ‘simple’ to be a negative criticism. The songs range from mid-tempo to up-tempo and they have catchy melodies, sing-a-long chorusses and Michiel’s voice fits well with this type of music.

The True Sound Of Punk features three new songs, two longer songs and one shorter. Opening song Kings Without A Crown (no Skinflicks cover) could be a bit shorter in my opinion, but their song Road Trip pleases me more. My favourite is the song Streetrock which clocks nearly over a minute.

Compared to previous recordings the band improved their sound, both of the music as well as their vocals. Meanwhile the band has start working on a new a release. I’m not sure yet if their music is able to attract my attention for a whole full-lenght but this band is making progress for sure. If the the progression they showed so far continues, then this band will have a good future for sure!





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Midnight Tattoo – True Sound Of Punk EP


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