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Various – Somos Los Oppressed LP + CD

los Since the late 90ies two tribute releases to The Oppressed saw daylight. The Urban Soldiers EP back in 1997 and more recently a full CD in 2010. Earlier this year the South-American label Lucha Libre Discos came up with a third tribute: Somos Los Oppressed!

This LP contains covers from eight different bands from South-America. The LP version includes fourteen songs while the included CD-version comes with four extra songs.

Like most compilations this LP contains contributions from varying quality, yet most bands surprise me in a positive way. A few bands sing in English, but most contributions are sung in Spanish which gives the cover versions a more original sound.

In Europe – and also the USA – Oi! bands became more melodic and catchy the last few years and more bands started to describe their music as street rock’n’roll, rock’n’oi, et cetera. In South-America they just put in the boot. Most featured bands play rough and hard brickwall Oi! with growling vocals. I can appreciate a more melodic approach once in a while, but listening to this LP i realised this (European) melodic approach is sometimes carried out too far.

My personal favourites are Retaque (Ecuador), Urban Noise (Colombia), Odio Simple (Puerto Rice) and Los Valedors. The unpolished sound is sometimes rough and a bit harsh, but be honest, albums like Oi! Oi! Music (the drums!) or Music For Hooligans! (no budget left for mastering?) aren’t exactly a fine paragon of decent production either.

The 12-page booklet comes with logo’s, titles and contact addresses of the bands. No lyrics, as you should all know the originals, but some liner notes on the originens of the South-American scene wouldn’t be out of place i think.

Since i received this LP just a week ago i should be careful with drawing conclusions, yet i already think this the best tribute to The Oppressed so far. The lay-out breathes the atmosphere of the 80ies and looks superb. I never rate compilations, but if i had to rate this one it would receive a high rating for sure. Whether you’re looking for some South-America bands, some brickwall Oi! or if you’re an Oppressed fanatic, this release is a must have for you. But hurry up as only 300 (hand numbered) copies are made!




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Various – Somos Los Oppressed LP + CD


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