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Various – Brasil Oi! CD

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brasil Recently i received some copies of this Brazilian Oi! CD’s. In my opinion it’s always a pleasure when a release like this sees daylight. I’m sure most of you remember Oi! Made In Malaysia, Oi! Made in Holland, the recently released Oi! Made In Indonesia or the classic Chaos En France albums. All these titles give a good overview of an – often – lesser known scene. After a quick search through my collection i found some vinyl and CD releases from Brazilian bands such as Dose Brutal, Blind Pigs, Mão De Ferro and Bronco Army. But there my knowledge of the Brazilian Oi! scene ends.

This compilation includes 18 songs from 9 bands from 3 different Brazilian states. Apart from the previous mentioned Mão De Ferro and Bronco Army all bands are completely new to me. Except for Mão De Ferro, who play a bit Dropkick Murphys inspired music, all bands have a rougher edge and sound quite similar to eachother. Yet that doesn’t mean i don’t hear any substantial differences. My personal favourites are the bands Belfast and Tamborellos, but this is just a matter of taste.

The CD comes with a 12-page booklet including photos, band line-ups and some label information. Unfortunately no contact details, discography or – and that’s a true shortage – liner notes about the punk and skinhead scene in Brazil. But as this is only the first in a series, the labels can always correct this on a second volume.

I never give a rating to compilation albums and i know CD’s aren’t ‘cool’ anymore these, however, i strongly reccomend that people will step over their prejudices because CD’s like these are true value for money.




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Various – Brasil Oi! CD



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