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Surgery Without Research (England – punk)

Surgery Without Research (SWR) were founded in 2000 and since then they released numerous cassettes, CD(r)’s, contributed to several compilations and played a whole bunch of local gigs. The band features Andy from The Warriors, who also re-recorded the SWR song England. The band is currently working on a new album while a split EP should be out soon. All questions were answered by Andy
May 2014 – band website


Can you shortly introduce the band to us?
We are Andy H – vocals + guitar, Deano Giff – guitar, Spencer Davies – Bass and Paul Jones – drums.

The band went through various line up changes. How did this influence your sound?
Each line up has influenced the sound in so much as everyone plays and writes songs differently I guess.

Your main influences are the UK82 sound as well as anarcho-punk, yet you played some unusual covers from bands like Psychic TV & Kraftwerk. Why did you choose these covers?
I enjoy a wide variety of music. Punk is in my heart and allows me to vent my spleen against society, religion, racism etc. Personally I don’t like doing obvious covers. Recording a punk song as a cover makes little sense to me as surely the original will be the best version.

Big Black do an excellent version of The Model so i thought yeah that would work as a punk song and Unclean is my favourite Psychic TV song and again just thought yeah that could be punked up.


A repeating subject in your lyrics is religion. What intrigues you on this subject?
Religion! I do not understand how “intelligent” people believe in an almighty all powerful God that created everything and yet sits back and watches/allows such misery, grief and cruelty to exist in the world as some form of test that we must pass in order to ascend into heaven. What a load of shit. “Religion is control and nothing more, get down on your knees and pray to the lord”. I hate religion, simple.

You wrote the song ‘England’, a more-or-less partiotic song which is not the most obvious theme in the UK82/anarcho tradition. Did people in this scene appreciated the song?
Hmmm, England. A song that some people love and some people hate. SWR are a punk band. We dip our toes in all areas of punk be it hardcore, Oi!, anarcho, post punk or old school sing along punk rock. I hate the monarchy, the government and the class system but if someone wants to wear an England football shirt, wave a flag and get excited watching a football match, so what?!

The song is basically me saying its ok to be English and be proud and support the english sports teams it does not make a person a racist, homophobic or right wing. Just as it is equally ok to be German, French, African, Indian, Asian etc. The world would be very boring if we were all the same, lets enjoy our different cultures.

So yes, some people understand the simple straight forward lyric and love the song whilst others are looking for something sinister and are so busy being anti their own country they miss the point of the lyrics. “We love our England“, that’s the one WE shape and life WE lead not the one the government and the monarchy give us.


Next to SWR you also play in the Oi!-band The Warriors who also added a few SWR songs to their setlist. Do you think this generated extra attention for SWR or are still ‘too punk’ to attract some skins?
Being in The Warriors is bound to have gotten us heard by some people who would not have otherwise known about us but generally most Warriors fans would not be interested in me, let alone another band I play in. Skinhead, Oi! and punk music is the same thing to me so that would be down to the individual if Surgery is too punk for them.

I have been into skinhead/punk since i was 14 in 1982 and I happily listened to Cock Sparrer, 4 Skins, Last Resort, The Business, Crass, The Exploited, Blitz, Discharge, Sex Pistols, UK Subs etc back then without a problem. Its all basically Punk!!!!!

And 2 Tone, The Specials were the band that inspired me to make music when I heard them as a 12 year old. I found punk an easy step to make when 2 Tone ended in 1981.


2014 is gonna be a busy year for the band. Can you tell a bit about this year’s plans?
Loads of plans. Our first ever gig outside the UK is in France on June 7th, with London gigs and hopefully Netherlands/Belgium later in the year. At least three 7″ singles, one on your wonderful Aggrobeat label.

It’s great that vinyl is back, shame it’s so bloody expensive, we need the ‘pay no more than 99p’ punk records back. And we are currently recording our next album. Videos for the singles Religious Bullshit and Power Unpower are currently being edited. And you never asked the usual question about what our name means, well done!




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Surgery Without Research / No Man’s Land – split EP


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