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The Corrigans (Spain – Garage/powerpop)

A few weeks ago i picked up the second EP from The Corrigans. Their Keep On! was their first introduction to the band and blew me aaway. The band plays a powerfull and energetic mixture of mod, garage, powerpop and punk.
May 2014 – band website


First of all congrats with the excellent EP. Are you satisfied with the result and how do people react to it?
Yeah, we are really satisfied with the final result because we believe that all you can find in the vinyl is what you would find in a live gig. We like to record songs in the same way we perform them live.
The people’s reaction has been excellent, but only a few actually buy records. Anyway, in our performances we knock out everybody.

If i’m correct this is your second release and also the second on 7″ format. Is this your favourite format or do you have too less songs for a full-length?
Yes , we do like the 7″ format. We like going step by step and we’ll probably release a 12″LP in the future. Before that, we would like to record and release a third EP during this year to complete the trilogy. Later on, the LP will come, of course! In fact, we already have many songs.


How would you describe your music? Punk, mod, powerpop or garage?
Actually, it’s quite difficult to label our music into a single style. Our style is a blend of Revival mod, sixties beat, ’77 punk, garage punk and powerpop. We can say we are placed between The Jam and Barracudas.

The artwork from both EP’s are football related, yet in a nostalgic way. Don’t you like modern football?
Well, we prefer old-fashioned football. Modern times are dull.


Why the name The Corrigans? Is this meant as a tribute to actor Kevin Corrigan?
Not really. We have named the band after Joe Corrigan who is a former goalkeeper in the late sixties and seventies. He played for Manchester City, Brighton and the England national team and he was a real tough guy.

What will the future hold for the band and when can we expect some foreign gigs by the band?

We are eager to play foreign gigs, we hope this comes true soon.

Do you have any closing comments?
Thank you very much for your support. Keep on dancing bro!!




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The Corrigans – Keep On! EP


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