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The Daltonz – Place St Sauveur 12″ EP

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The twelve inch format has always been my favourite format. Longer than a regular single, but often more exciting than a full-length. The Daltonz from France just came up with their third release, a 12″ EP.

The Daltonz are inspired by early English Oi! but above all they are a French band. I have a weak for the early French Oi! bands from the Chaos En France days. But next to those influences you can hear these boys enjoy more music than the regular Oi! albums. As you may expect from a band who’s last album was called Suedehead Rock, you can also hear some references to mod and powerpop-like music, yet with an extra dose of aggro.

Unlike most French bands The Daltonz also sing in English which makes their music a little more accessible. Although i like the sound of the French language it sometimes is a pity i don’t understand anything at all from the lyrics.

It’s difficult to mention my favourite song on this release because in terms of quality, the songs don’t differ much. But after several rotations i think the title track and Plastic Mask are among my favourites. People who like early French Oi! as well as Oi! bands like The Templars can buy this 12″ instantly!





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The Daltonz – Place St Sauveur 12″ EP

The Daltonz – Suedehead Rock LP + CD

The Daltonz – The Daltonz EP


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