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The Corrigans – Keep On! E.P.

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With two 7″s in three years this band won’t break any productivity records, but who cares about statistics with such a high quality songs?

The Corrigans from Zaragoza in the Spanish State balance on an intersection where mod, garage, powerpop and punk come together. Mixing different styles often results in a mixture that none of the individual style adepts appreciates, but not here.

These three boys present you four songs: short (this EP comes as a 45er), powerfull and energetic. Good musicians, the right guitar sound, nice clean vocals, good bass, sing-a-long chorusses and a drummer who does more than just determining the rhythm.

If you can identify with any of the above mentioned styles, then checking out this band is the least you can do. Buying this EP would be a logical next step.





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The Corrigans – Keep On! EP


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