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Maraboots – Dans La Nuit 10″LP

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I already have this album for a while, but a lack of time – label activities – hold me back from reviewing it earlier, so you can consider this as a ‘better-late-than-never’ review.

Maraboots from Paris were founded a few years ago and after an EP in 2011 and a split EP with their friends from Stomper 98 in 2012 the band started working on a debute full-length. When members of the band got involved in the band Lion’s Law or were sent on abroad missions the preperations for the album got interrupted.

After a long wait the band finally releases a debute album. Not a full-length as promised but a 10″ with six new songs. The three songs on the A-side were recorded in early 2012 while the three songs on the B-side were recorded last summer. Inspired by French Oi! of the 80ies the boys deliver the quality i was hoping for. Other than their counterparts in Lion’s Law, Maraboots has a rawer edge, but the interplay between guitar and saxophone keeps me excited from beginning to end.

When playing French Oi! with a saxophone a comparison with Camera Silens is obvious, although i think Maraboots proved they are so much more than a copycat Oi! band. With three quality vinyl releases in a row the band became my favourite French band at the moment. Pure class!



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Maraboots – Dans La Nuit 10″ LP

Maraboots / Stomper 98 – split EP

Maraboots – Maraboots EP


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