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Aggroshop.com newsletter 15 (february 2014)

Welcome to the 15th newsletter from AGGROSHOP.com

Last months we came out with several new releases: The Shame – Tulsa Old School miniCD, the Oi! Made In Indonesia compilation and we also take care of the European distribution for the Keyside Strike / Rust split EP.


We just started taking pre-orders for the new Foreign Legion LP: Light At The End Of The Tunnel. The LP comes on green vinyl with red splatter effect (limited to 250 copies). We have limited stock available from the American pressing which will be pressed on mint green vinyl.

The LP presentation for the new Foreign Legion album will take place on march 13th in Roeselare (Belgium) which will be also be the kick off for a short Belgium tour together with Hooligan from Ireland. We will be presented with a merch stand.


At last we also want to invide you for the Oi! This Is Tegelen gig on march 22th in The Netherlands. Just like previous editions the gig will be headlined by Evil Conduct. This year’s guests are Razorblade, Last Seen Laughing and Bishops Green! Tickets are available from their website.

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New items february 2014 (click at the titles to view the item in our webstore)

Dead End Street – debute EP 5.50
(promising Italian band not unlike The Bruisers and The Corps. Ex-Colonna Infame)

Dead End Street – debute EP (yellow vinyl) 6.50 euro
(limited edition of 100 copies on yellow vinyl!)

Foreign Legion – Ligth At The End Of The Tunnel LP 12 euro
(PRE-ORDER! Green vinyl with red splatter effect. European pressing of 250 copies)

Foreign Legion – Ligth At The End Of The Tunnel LP (US pressing) 12 euro
(PRE-ORDER! Very limited stock on mint green vinyl)

The Shame – Tulsa Old School miniCD 6.50 euro
(For football and the pints! 9 songs)

Keyside Strike / Rust – Olde World New World EP 6.50 euro
(EP available on pink, gold or purple vinyl. Comes with embroidered patch)

Various – Oi! Made In Indonesia CD 10 euro
(13 bands, 25 songs, 75 minutes of Indonesian Oi!)



Basta – Non Cambierò Mai LP 12 euro
(Italian streetpunk. New songs on the A-side, their 1984 EP on the B-side)

Bootstroke – Football Drinks & Rock’n’Roll CD 10 euro
(Streetpunk/Oi! from Greece, debute CD. FFO Perkele and football!)

Bootstroke / Jungle Fever – Pride Of Athens CD 10 euro
(Greek hooligan Oi!)

Cockney Rejects – Hammer 4CD-box 21.50 euro
(Collection of three CD’s from the band’s rock era with a raritities CD)

Crossfire / Street Soldiers – split EP 5.50 euro
(Streetcore from Austria and streetpunk from Indonesia team up for this split EP)

Erode – Tempo Che Non Ritorna LP 12 euro
(Italian punk band)

Gli Ultimi – Storie Da Un Posto Qualunque LP 12 euro
(Italian streetpunk with sing-a-long chorusses)

Guacamaya – Come Un Pugno Nello Stomaco CD 10 euro
(Italian punk, for fans of Los Fastidios and Atarassia Gröp)

HVB – Valstar Revenge miniCD 5.50 euro
(Hooligans Valstar Band. Excelletn french Oi! with sing-a-long chorusses)

Last Resort / Old Firm Casuals – double EP 11.50 euro
(Oi! from England and the USA, black vinyl)

Peter And The Test Tube Babies / Reazione ‎- Very Disaster!!! LP 12 euro
(English and Italian streetpunk veterans team up for a split album)

Red Alert / Halbstarke Jungs / Loudmouth – We Stand As One 10″ LP 12 euro
(three songs from each band)

Senza Frontiere / Feccia Rossa – split EP 5.50 euro
(Both streetpunk from Italy)

Various – Skinhead! It’s An Asian League vol.2 CD 10 euro
(Volume 2 in the Asian League series! 13 bands)


Banda Bassotti – Figli Della Stessa Rabbia LP 12 euro
(Third wave ska from Italy. Debute from 1992 reissued)


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