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HOODLUM (Singapore – Oi!)

Last summer Hoodlum from Singapore released their first full length. The ten songs remind me to earlier Malaysian bands like ACAB, but also a band like Agnostic Front crossed my mind. The quality of their full-lentgh was enough reason for me to contact the band for an interview. All questions were answered by Keon (vocals).
December 2013 – band website


You just released the Oi! In Our Blood album. Can you tell a bit more about the album?
The Oi! In Our Blood album is about how Oi! influences our everyday life. It’s released by Skinhead Revolt Records(SHR) from London, England with the help of Patrick. It features 10 tracks of Hardcore Oi!

Is this your first full length? what else did you released so far?
Yes, this is our first full length release. It contains eight re-recorded tracks with our new vocalist (Keong) together with two new songs which were written earlier this year. In 2002 we released the EP Glory & Pride by ourselves which featured five tracks recorded with our previous vocalist (Dol).

Which bands have influenced you? When i hear your music it’s 90% Oi! but i also hear some Agnostic Front and a little Iron Maiden-like guitars.
We have a mixture of influences in Hoodlum. We are influenced by Oi! bands like Perkele, The Oppressed, The Business , A.C.A.B (Malaysia) . Hardcore bands like Blood For Blood The Bled, Atreyu, Avenged, Sevenfold, unearth, underoath, The agony scene. We are also influced by old school malay rock band songs from Singapore and Malaysia.


You had several line up changes during your existence. Can you tell a bit about it?
In 2002 Hoodlum started their journey under the name “The Ruthless” and was renamed to “Hoodlum” in 2005 as things was not going the right path for Hoodlum at that time as the band members couldn’t agree to each other’s decisions off the stage. Hopefully we have a better combination this time.

Most people will know The Bois from Singapore, are there any bands we should check out?
There are many more great band from Singapore you guys should check out Generation 69, The Maniac, Brewing Boots, The Ruffians, The Ruction and the list goes on and on.


Apart from the bands, can you tell a bit about the Oi! & punk scene in Singapore? Is it difficult to organise gigs there?
The Oi! & Punk Scene here is relatively small, but it’s a strong scene with everyone from the scene standing up for each other. Most of the Singaporean here thinks that skinheads and punks are just a fashion but don’t really know what our way of life is all about.

Organising gigs here in Singapore is quite hard as the venue owners thinks that when skinheads and punks come together it equals violence. Not forgetting the boys in blue who are always waiting for us to get into trouble. But still people from the scene will do what ever it takes to make a gig happen.

What are your plans for the future?
For the near futher we are planning to do a tour around Asia, if possible a Europe tour might be a better choice. A second album is also in our planning, but let us look near rather then far to avoid any big disappoinment.


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Hoodlum – Oi! In Our Blood CD


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