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Various – Cashing In On Christmas volume 5 double LP + CD

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Black Hole Records seems to improve itself with every new record. Within a short period of time the label came up with superb releases by The Corps, Rust, The Gonads, The Enemey, Menace and now a new part in the Cashing In On Christmas series.

Judging by the tracklist i already assumed this was going to be the best part in the series and afterwards i can conclude i was right. This year’s Cashing in On Christmas features bands such as Harrington Saints, Hooligan, Lion’s Law, Maddog Surrender, Stranglehold, Splodgenessabounds and Evil Conduct.

Apart from a some adapted songs, all bands contributed exclusive material. My personal favourites include Harrington Saints (USA), Lion’s Law (France), Maddog Surrender (USA), Bishops Green (Canada), Prins Carl (Sweden) and Evil Conduct (Netherlands). All featured bands tried to contribute something unique which resulted in a varied compilation with a combination of bands with a more melodic approach as well as bands with a rougher and more straight forward sound.

Just like every year Black Hole did a great efford in creating something special. I’m sure you will all recognise the cover artwork but there’s more to admire. The LP is pressed on red vinyl and where the nineteen songs are spread out over side A, B & C, the D-side reserved for an etched drawing on the vinyl! The double LP comes with a CD version including a bonus track and an extended song.

Usually i don’t rank compilations, but for this one i’m happy to make an exception!




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