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Hoodlum – Oi! In Our Blood CD

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Hoodlum hails from Singapore, Southeast Asia. The band was founded back in 2001 and twelve years later the band presents their first full-length. Apart from The Bois i’m not really familair with Oi! bands from that part of the world, so i was happy to receive this one.

The first thing i notice is the full and energetic sound of the band and they play pretty tight as well. Although in the past the band used to share some members with The Bois, they have a notable different sound than their hometown friends.

The band is influenced by the likes of Oxymoron and Perkele and in the uptempo songs i hear some Agnostic Front references as well. Other than Oxymoron and Perkele, Hoodlum has some metal influences. I don’t mean the annoying trash metal like guitars, but the classic Maiden like guitars.

Unfortunately i don’t own any of their previous releases but if i’m not mistaken most of these songs were previously recorded for EP’s or (unreleased) demo’s. For the release of this debute album the band re-recorded these ten songs. With just ten songs the CD is on the short side, however, to me it was enough. On one hand the band avoids to get boring and on the other hand i remain curious for more.


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Hoodlum – Oi! In Our Blood



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