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RUST (Australia – Oi!)

Rust from Autralia were formed back in 2005 by scene vetarans. The band quickly established a name with their attractive blend of Oi! and rock’n’roll. After a few quieter years the band came up with no less than three new releases this year. All questions were answered by Smurf (drums). Oi! Oi! Aussie Rock N’ Roll!

November 2012 – band website


Let’s start with the usual question… Can you please introduce the band to us?
Well there’s myself on drums, Gazz on vocals, Fernz on bass & on guitar duties and we have Dave for the home shows & Bevynn from The Corps/Throwdown for the touring stuff.

Within a short period of time you released a 4-way double EP, a split EP and a full EP. Did you recorded all these songs in the same session? Where does this recent upsurge in activity comes from?
We recorded an album worth of songs last year and most of the tracks have come from that. But if a split or something comes up and we don’t have anything for it, we’ll go into the studio and do a couple of tracks just for that.


For your split EP with Keyside Strike you recorded a cover song from The Specials (Concrete Jungle). The Specials is not the first band i think of when i hear your music, so why did you choose this particular song?
We have always loved ska, especially The Specials. The song Concrete Jungle, well, we live in one and I guess it’s one of their angrier ones also, so it was easier to give it the Rust treatment!!

So far you released one full-length, in 2009. Are you already working on a new album?
We also released the live album after that. And, as I mentioned earlier, we have an album worth of new material recorded & ready to go. We are just waiting on some of the fine details, like artwork….


During the years you played with some amazing bands in your home country like Millions Of Dead Cops, Peter & The test Tube Babies. Which other bands did you played with and which was the most memorable?
For me, supporting Dead Kennedys was a bit of a personal highlight – although it was not the best we played, I think we were all a bit nervous! – getting to meet DH Peligro, who was the inspiration for me picking up the drumsticks as a kid, was awesome. But also as amazing, was playing with and meeting GBH. Also, our first major support, The Exploited. Then there’s The Business, Sham 69 and the list goes on and on and will continue for a while yet!!

Australia is a relatively sparsely populated country with huge distances inbetween the major cities. Is it difficult to play in other cities?
When we first started touring Australia (in other bands, not Rust), we used to hire a van and drive interstate and that’s like a 14 hour drive from Sydney to Brisbane, Perth was out of the question! But now, internal flights are a lot cheaper, so it’s easier to fly and we don’t have to take as much time off work. But in the last couple of years we have been touring overseas and probably need to tour Australia a bit more!


Next year you’ll play at the famous Rebellion Festival in England. Are you already siked for it? Will you only play at Rebellion or will you also do a European tour?
Next year will be our 4th time playing Rebellion! We’re definately siked for it and it’s always a massive honor to be asked to play it!! We toured the USA (west coast) earlier this year and we are trying to arrange it so we do the USA (west coast & east coast this time) before we go to the UK. We would love to do some shows in Europe also, but so far we haven’t had much luck organising any. We are open to people booking us for shows, although they have to be worthwhile, we are travelling a long way!! If people have anything, they can hit us up (message us) through our facebook page.

Do you have any closing comments?
Thanks for the interview & thanks for supporting RUST!! Oi! Oi! Aussie, Rock N Roll!!



Click at the image(s) to purchase band releases from Aggroshop.com

Keyside Strike / Rust – Olde World, New World EP

Rust / Guv’Nors / Revilers / Cracks & Scars – Mess With The Best 2EP

Rust – Oi! Oi! Aussie Rock’n’Roll CD


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