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Grade 2 – demo

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In may this year three guys from around fifteen years old formed a band to play Oi! and punk music in the vein of Booze & Glory and Cock Sparrer. During their few months existence the band played several gigs and now they come up with their first four track demo.

The first positive thing i noticed while playing these songs is these boys play remarkably tight for a first try out. I mean, i know bands who play for years and years and still annoy me when they play out of time.

The band didn’t include any lyrics but with titles such as Criminal, Living On The Bread Line, Wanna Get Away and Weekend Offender you don’t need a rich imagination to understand where they sing about.

The mentioned references to bands such as Booze & Glory and Cock Sparrer sound recognisable, however, you can’t expect that a new band reaches the same level within only a few months. What remains is a very nice demo with four mid tempo songs which show lots of potential for the band’s future. Keep it up boys!



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