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Foreign Legion – Light At The End Of The Tunnel CD

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Foreign Legion from Wales was originally founded in 1984 and like many punk bands of that era they called it a day when the punk scene deceased by the late 80ies and early 90ies. When entering the new millenium the band reformed and became more active than ever. Since those days the boys played all over mainland Europe and the USA and released three new full-lengths and a bunch of (split) EP’s.

I think Foreign Legion is a band almost everyone is familiar with and most people will probably own a few EP’s or comilations featuring songs from the boys. But despite this i also think the band never got the appreciation they deserved.

Last month the band released their new album. Compared to previous recordings the band continues what they always do and what they do best; Straight forward upbeat punk tunes inspired by the likes of The Lurkers, The Partisans, Menace, Sham 69, etc.

Although this album is only issued on CD so far, i think the imaginary B-side is the best part of this album. Three Years is a more aggressive uptempo song about child molestion, while the song Miners is a more subdued song about the hard days of work Welsh miners had to do. The album ends with the (autobiographic?) songs Drunken Heroes and Phoenix From The Flame which both hold good singalong chorusses.



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