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The Warriors – Bank Holidays CD

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Before and after the recording of the Never Forgive, Never Forget album The Warriors did several other recording sessions. During these sessions the band re-recorded older songs – which were originally recorded during the 90ies when Arthus Kitchener was still part of the band – a few covers and several new songs. Most of these songs appeared on compilations or on vinyl only releases like the split LP with Halbstarke Jungs from Germany. On the occasion of their (yearly?) performance at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool the band released a CD on their own Streetheart Records with a selection of songs recorded recording sessions from the last few years.

Apart from a Blitz cover – to be released on a heavily delayed Blitz tribute CD – and newer versions of songs like Bad Guy and Buddah Of The Back Streets the band also included a few new songs like Bank Holidays, Woman Beater and Weekend Rockstars and of course also this release includes an inevitable Last Resort cover (Violence In Our Minds).

After several line-up changes during the last few years the band finally has a stable line-up and compared to older line-ups of The Warriors or The Last Resort it gave the band a more punk inspired approach without loosing its edge and these days they sound tighter as ever. If i’m not mistaken the band made only 300 copies of this CD so hurry up!


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Halbstarke Jungs / The Warriors – split LP

The Warriors – Never Forgive Never Forget LP

The Warriors – Never Forgive Never Forget CD

The Oppressed / The Warriors – Maximum Oi! DVD


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