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CITY SAINTS (Sweden – streetpunk)

City Saints from Sweden are a relatively new band, but the members have over twenty years experience in past bands like Chillihounds and Perkele. Within a short period of time the band released a full album and an EP and meanwhile they are working hard on new releases. A few weeks before their German tour i had an interview with them. Questions were answered by Stefan (vocals).

September 2013 – band website


First of all can you please introduce the band and the members?
We are Gabriel on leadguitar and vocals, Carl on bassguitar and backing vocals, Magnus on drums and backing vocals and myself, Stefan, on leadvocals and harmonica!

Most foreign readers will know Magnus from his past days with Perkele but i can imagine not everyone is familair with everyone’s previous bands like Chillihounds and Aggressive. Can you tell a bit more about these bands? Does any of these bands still exist?
Aggressive was a short-lived trashmetal-band I had together with Chris from Perkele in the 90ies, we just released a couple of demos and contributed on two or three compilations. Chillihounds was started by Gabriel back in 2003, I joined a couple of months later on drums and Carl two years after me. We released three albums, influenced mainly by the legends of the 60ies and 70ies. Acts like AC/DC, The Who, Status Quo, Stones and Zeppelin. But Chillihounds has now come to an end. We do our farewell gig in december. We just don’t have the time for two bands right now!

When playing both your releases i hear a lot AC/DC and Status Quo influences. I know Chillihounds already had a similar rock’n’roll vibe but was it difficult to create a mixture of this with streetpunk?
No I don’t think so, we just created a mix of what we like. And I have always listened to punk, Oi!, Rock’n’roll and classic (heavy) rock and thought that was a good combination. We didn’t wanna sound like everyone else. We combined the simplicity of the 50’s with the groove of the 70’s and the attitude of punk!


Stefan, you are responsible for the production of the full lentgh. Is this something you also do by proffession or or only occasionally with your own band?
I have always been interested in the technical side of recording. Where to put the microphones, what amplifiers to use. I really love what a song can bring, sound-wise. And I have a very precise idea of how it should or could sound. And the other guys seems to trust me. Ha ha. But it’s nothing I do by proffession!

Within a few months you released a full-length, an EP and a new EP is on it’s way. How can you write songs that quick?
Me and Gabriel works fast, both as a team or by ourselves. He knows what I like and I know what he likes. And when we present the ideas for Magnus and Carl. They understand the songs within a minute. Maybe that’s because we known each other for so long. We already got about forty songs ready for our next album. Which we plan to record in january. Maybe we put out a double album. Ha ha!


As said you scheduled a new EP on the German label Steeltown Records. Can you tell a bit more about it?
It’s called Strong & Proud. And perhaps it’s a bit different from the first EP where I wrote the majority. This one is all Gabriels work, but with bits and pieces contributed from the whole band, like always. The title track is a very strong, street punk anthem and the rest is more traditional rock n roll with a heavy dose of punk. And we also included a cover from one of our favorite bands, Sham 69. I think it’s a great follow-up to the first one, which was called Spitting Blood by the way and released by Spirit of the Streets!

You’re already confirmed for next year’s Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, England. If i’m not mistaken your previous bands never played there, thrilled to finally play there?
We are really excited about this. For me, it’s a dream come true. Playing side by side with all these great bands listening to as a kid!

Within a few weeks you’ll do a short tour through Germany with your mates from Oldfashioned Ideas…
We do 4 dates together with High Society, a great band from Dresden. Old Fashioned Ideas are only playing the first leg of the tour and then we take over. But it’s gonna be a blast. And we actually have our release party for the Strong & Proud-EP in Eisenhuttenstadt, so swing by and have a beer with us!


You played a few acoustic songs for a Swedish radiostation. Was this a one-time-only session or do you plan to release some acoustic stuff one day?
Just a one-time only session. But it was fun and we gladly do it again. And all our songs has been written on acoustic guitar, so that’s why it worked so well I guess!

Do you have any closing comments?
Thank you so much for the support and remember the name City Saints, because we are here to stay. Cheers!




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City Saints – Spitting Blood EP


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