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Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions – If Ignorance Is Bliss EP

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I basically grew up on Crass. Years before i bought my first LP’s by the Recject, Upstarts or Sparrer i owned all Crass records plus a shitload of other bands from that era. Watching Steve Ignorant playing Crass songs during his Last Supper in 2010 was like dream come true as Crass quit a few years before i got into them.


Now the Last Supper tour is over and Crass is dead Ignorant teamed up with Paranoid Visions, a long-time running punk band from Dublin. Paranoid Visions was originally founded in the early 80ies and called it a day in 1992. As years passed by the band reformed and – instead of doing an easy job with just redoing oldies – the band kept on writing on new songs. Last year Paranoid Visions and Steve Ignorant already joined forces for the Rock & Roll & Revolution single. Now they’re back with a new EP, which is meant as a teaser for an upcoming full-length.

Crass comparisons are obvious but partly out of place as this EP is more than just Ignorant. Paranoid Visions wrote some damn good songs and although i don’t own their full back catalogue i think i can say with certainty their new songs are far from inferior to their older work. But apart from Paranoid Visions’, it’s unmistakable that Steve Ignorant put his own mark on these songs.

This EP comes as two editions: a limited edition in white vinyl as part of the ‘7 Inch Singles Club-series’ and a regular edition on black vinyl. Comes with a download code for the EP plus Paranoid Visions’ original The Robot Is Running Amok EP from 1986!



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