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MIDNIGHT TATTOO (Belgium – Streetpunk)

In 2010 three guys from Belgium founded a sing-a-long streetpunk band. Within a short period of time the band started doing gigs and recorded a few songs and quickly they established a positive reputation in the area. Questions were answered by Michiel (bass)
September 2013 – band website


Can you please introduce the band to us?
We are Midnight Tattoo, a streetpunk band from Antwerp, Belgium. We are Roy (guitar + vocals), Michiel (bass + vocals) and Micha (drums).

Roy and Michiel played in a few local bands for quite some years and wanted to start something new. A powerful yet melodic sing-a-long streetpunk band. In the beginning of 2010 Micha joined on drums and that’s when Midnight Tattoo started.

In March 2011 we played a try-out show and a few weeks later we did our first show supporting Section 5 in our hometown Antwerp. Ever since we have played over fifty shows in Belgium, Holland and France.

Where does your band name comes from?
One of the band members got a tattoo in the middle of the night at a friend’s apartment after a drinking session. We are all 3 into tattoos, it’s a passion, just as music.

You just released your debute through Bar Mondial Records, is this your own label?
No, it is not our own label, but from a good friend of ours who used to run a bar in Antwerp called Bar Mondial. It was known for its many live shows, sometimes up to five shows per week. But the bar had to close due to complaints about noise pollution. It is a small label to support the local Antwerp bands. Our EP is the 3th release on the label so far.


During the EP sessions you recorded nine songs. Do you have any plans for the other five songs yet?
Yes, actually we have.

We will release a second 7″ EP – which will contain three songs – later this year on the German label Contra Records. The artwork is ready and now the printing and pressing can start. Thanks to this release we hope to do some shows in Germany as well, the German scene is massive compared to the Belgian scene.

Since 2010 you played a few gigs, which was the most memorable?
It’s hard to pick just one.
Some of the shows are still in our memory because of the big drinking session that followed. Others because of the great location, i.e. we once played on a boat which was transferred into a venue.

But to me personally the best show was when we did a show together with The Warriors and Booze & Glory. A lot of our friends showed up, we played a good set, the other bands were amazing and the atmosphere was brilliant. All that combined made it a great evening.

The scene in Belgium seems to go up and down during the years. Do you think it’s developing for the worse or better recently?
It’s hard to tell. Every year there are so many great shows and a lot of big bands come to Belgium but still it’s hard to have a big crowd showing up.
To keep the scene alive we need to have a mixture of young and old, of punks and skins and rockers and psychos, from different cities and areas. But it’s not that easy to have it all together.

Do you have any closing comments?
Thanks a lot for reading this interview. Check out our facebook page for the latest news and upcoming Midnight Tattoo shows.
And last but not least, thanks to oioimusic for the support!




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Midnight Tattoo – True Sound Of Punk EP


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