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Aggressive Combat – Back On The Streets! LP

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The band’s second full-length but my first introduction to them. The band hails from the Basque Country in the Spanish State and is heavily influenced by English Oi! from the early and mid 80ies.


Sometimes i read the description ‘No Mess, No Fuss’ in a misguided way, but it will certainly fit Aggressive Combat! The band plays pretty straight-forward Oi! with the typical growling vocals with lyrics about friendship, pride, drinking, loyalty and the weekend. So far no new developments here, but make no mistake, it would be unfair to describe them as a dime a dozen band.

This album breaths honesty and purity and in terms of enthusiasm and energy the band rises above the average. It would be hard to pick out a favourite song but if have to choose one it will be Aphatetic Generation. The guest vocals on this song gives some extra power and variety to this song.

Where lots of bands from The Spanish state sing in their native language or add a giant dose of metal influences to their music, Aggressive Combat keeps it plain and simple. And thanks to the English lyrics i’m finally able to understand the lyrics of a band from southern Europe. Impressive release!




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Aggressive Combat – Back On The Streets LP


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