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Various – Oi! The Texas Comp CD

Judging by the title this CD is just part one in a series to promote Oi! and punk band from the much beloved and despised Texas state. After having a quick look at the bandnames on the back of the CD i can already conclude i had a blind spot on American Oi! and – more specific – Texas Oi!


This album compiles twelve bands and each contribute two songs. Although all bands cover the Oi! genre there’s suprisingly much variety in the songs. Some band have a more melodic approach, some have that more typical US 90ies sound (remember Headache Records?) where other revert to a more English sound.

One of my favourite bands on this CD is No Resistance who balance somewhere between English Oi! from the early 80ies and The Templars with good vocals. The Stand Alones are inspired by the same musical tradition but with cleaner vocals. The odd man out are Ballistics who somehow remind me to older NoFX and actually i mean this in a positive way. Another band that positively surprises me are Blood n Beer who have some interfaces with the so-called brickwall Oi! but with clean vocals and more distorted guitars which creates a rougher sound.

I must admit i only knew a few bands before i received this CD and actually there are even less featured bands who made it in into my record collection. The blame is on me as there’s enough quality represented in the Texas area.


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