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Various – Promote & Provoke compilation

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A few months ago the website American-Oi.com was founded. Like the name suggests it’s main focus is American Oi!, but without turning a blind eye to Oi! tunes from other countries. After a few interviews and reviews the website collected 23 songs from the same number of bands for a free digital compilation.


I don’t want to sound like an old fart but this whole download and mp3 thing isn’t exactly my cup of tea, i like holding a physical release in my hands. But having this said i can’t deny the advantages of the digital format in tems of distribution and pricing.

I think most readers will be familiar with bands like the Revilers, Broadsiders, Templars, Old Firm Casuals, Toughskins, et cetera. But apart from these wellknown names there are also a few bands i (hardly) knew before. Nice surprises are bands like Riotgun, Concrete and Down For Life.

But the most interesting part of this compilation is the number of exclusive songs. No less than fifteen contributions are unreleased, demo or live songs! And although the compilation focusses on Oi! music there’s enough variation to please everyone. From straightforward sing-a-longs and Oi!-core tunes to rock’n’Oi! to bands who revert to the early English sound.

Meanwhile the guys are working on a follow-up compilation. ‘Till then you can download this compilation for free over here.


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