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Rust – Rough, Ready & Razored EP

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Although not the most productive, these boys are still highly active. Tucked away in Australia this band did three UK tour and they just came back from their first touring in the USA. And only two months after them contributing to the Mess With The Best… double EP they pop up with a new EP, while a split EP with Keyside Strike is currently at the pressing plant!


It becomes a sort of repetitive cliche, but like more Australian bands Rust play rock’n’roll edged music: loud, mid-tempo, pinched throat. You should know the ingredients by now. This EP features four new songs and is a joint release by Pirates Press and the new founded Rebel Sounds from the USA and Pug Music from Australia.

To me the songs on the A-side are the better ones, but that’s just a matter of taste and science. Curse Of Rock’n’Roll has some nice rock’n’roll edged guitar licks while A Shadow On The Pier sounds like rougher version of an early Rose Tattoo song.

The flipside more or less continues where the A-side left off although i prefer when they’d decreased on the bassdrum. Most notable song on this side is She’s Got Something To Sell because of the female vocals. I’m not sure if it fits with their music but i’m curious how they sounds when they add female vocals more often. Nice one!




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