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Plan Of Attack – Brisbane Oi! EP

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To promote the upcoming full-length Stick To Your Guns, Plan Of Attack from Austraulia released a three track 7″ as a teaser. Although i was familiar with this band i never picked up one of their records before, damn, they prove me wrong.


Like most Australian Oi! bands Plan Of Attack likes to add a good dose of rock’n’roll not unlike the mighty Rose Tattoo into their sound and a comparison with bands like The Corps, Rust, Razorcut et cetera is obvious. Merged with a strong voice all ingredients for a decent Oi! record are included.

The A side features the song Stick To Your Guns which will be also the title track of the forthcoming album on Rebellion Records. The songs on the flipside are – if i’m not mistaken – both exclusive songs.

The flipside starts with the songs Used To Be Wanna Be which to me also is the best song of this release. Midtempo Oi!, sing-a-long chorusses. All the Lessons has some more rock’n’roll influences with more bluesy guitarlicks. Songs like these provide the necessary variation which separates them from the dime a dozen bands.



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