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Abrasive Wheels – Skum LP

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Abrasive Wheels gained some populairity during the early 80ies. After a brilliant LP on Riot City Records in 1982 the band from Leeds, England the band called it a day somewhere in 1984-1985. Although the band didn’t play Oi! music they always had some skins among their following, but musically they had more in common with bands like Discharge or GBH and maybe even a bit of Conflict. Years and years later the band reformed which resulted in this Skum album in 2009. Now four years later Rebel Sound finally released a vinyl issue as well.


I’m not sure about the current line-up but if i’m not mistaken vocalist Shonna is the only remaining original band member. Knowing this – and realising it’s more than thirty years the band was founded! – i think it’s difficult to make a comparison with the early years. In terms of music there are some references to the bands second album Black Leather Girl, but as you may expect after so many years Shonna voice undergone some changes during the test of time.

After giving this album a few spins i remain double minded. The songwriting, production, et cetera all sound good. No negative comment at all, but still i think i miss something. I miss some power or energy – don’t they call this the X factor these days? – to truely hold my attention.




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