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No Quarter – Fight For The Moment 7″

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No Quarter from Birmingham, England just released their debute 7″. The single is issued on black vinyl as a white-label release in a limited edition of 250 copies. I think by now the single is sold out from both the label as well as the band, but since there’re still a few mailorders who stock this release i thought it might be still relevant to review this newbie.


The cover artwork appears to be a picture of British soldiers during the Falklands war. I strongly agree on the ‘support our troops’ idea but that idea still holds a huge distance to supporting government’s plans to cover up domestic (economical) failure.

But let’s get back to their music. No Quarter plays brickwall Oi! not unlike English Oi! bands from the mid and late 80ies like Close Shave and others. Although some of the bands from that era ended up with doing Manowar-like guitar licks and dodgy politics No Quarter stays away from both.

To me the A-side is most interesting and represents where the band stands for. Hipster Kids on the flipside does that job as well, but before the song is well and truly underway, it’s already over again.



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