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4 PAST MIDNIGHT (Scotland – streetpunk)

4 Past Midnight is one of the longest running punk bands in Glasgow. Despite several temporary breaks the band still holds true the banner of streetpunk and just released a new album called Life On The Inside. All questions were answered by Peter (drums and vocals).
July 2013 – band website


First of all can you please introduce the band and the members to us?
4 Past Midnight are a punk rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The members are Stevie on bass guitar, Fred on rythm guitar, Tam on lead guitar and me (Peter) on drums and lead vocals.

You just released your new album, Life On The Inside, can you tell us something more about it?
Yes, Life On The Inside… It’s the most important punk release of 2013, it’s 4PM’s pride and joy… It’s our best release to date.

We spent over a year creating the songs, it was a labour of love and we are darn proud of it. We tackled subject matter with the lyrics other bands don’t touch on , human trafficking, child sex abuse, domestic violence and so on. But at the end of the day the album rocks.


Where does your bandname refers to? Is it the strict closing time the pubs in your area have or is the Stephen King novel?
Yeah, it’s the novel by Stephen King. The name came across to us as being diferent and it sounded good shortened down to 4PM.

During your existence there were a few periods of very little acivity and/or breaking up. Despite this you always came back as band. What motivated you these time to continue?

It’s rather simple. We just can’t give it up, it’s in our veins now, it’s like a tattoo: with you for life. And above all we are determind fuckers!!

Peter, within the band you do the unusual combination of lead vocals and drums. Is it difficult to do lead vocals when you mostly located at the back of the stage?
Well i regard it as unique, not many bands do it especially punk bands. I have perfected it to such a degree that i find it difficult to just do straight vocals or straight drums. My mind says “why aren’t you singing?”, or “why aren’t you drumming? You need to drum” ha ha ha. It’s rather bizzar to say the least.


What’s the current scene in Glasgow like? Any bands you recommend?
Glasgow has some good bands, I’d recoment The Murderburgers, Hateful, Red Eyes, Jackhammers, Fire Exit, Media Whores, Razorblade Smile, there is a decent amount.
The thing i don’t like about the Glasgow scene is the devides within it. You know what im taking about, it still goes on and spoils it a little. People just can’t get on there is always that minority whom are out to cause bother for bands or other people, this is a major problem.

Celtic or Glasgow Rangers?
None… I don’t follow football. I feel they are paid to much and do little and both those clubs bring nothing but trouble with them, but that’s just my opinion.

Do you have any closing comments?
Indeed, please support smaller bands. It’s not all about the big bands, your local scene deserves to be supported. Buy our new Album Life on the inside because its fookin great and costs only £5.00. Visit our facebook or website for cd’s, t-shirts and music samples!!! Cheers to Paul for the interview!!



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4 Past Midnight – Life On The Inside CD


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