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Red Alert / Halbstarke Jungs / Loudmouth – We Stand As One 10″ LP

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Three bands on a 10″ featuring Red Alert and Loudmouth from Sunderland, England and Halbstarke Jungs from Sachsen, Germany each with three songs. The LP comes in a limited printrun of 500 handnumbered copies in 5 different silkscreened artworks.


So far about the artwork and stuff. The three songs by Red Alert originally appeared, together with 3 more songs, on a split LP. Re listening i defenitely think these 3 songs are the best of that session.

Halbstarke Jungs continues in their own style of streetpunk / hardcore crossover. Next to a song in English and a song in German the band contributed the song Closedown as a tribute to Blitz. Again a nice effort.

Last band on this 10″ is Loudmouth. Although hailing from Sunderland they do have some similarities with Red Alert or the Upstarts yet Loudmouth has a more melodic approach. Especially cause of the vocals they remind me some westcoast punkrock bands that used to be populair during the 90ies.

Last few years most label go totally crazy on the vinyl with splatter effects and bi- or tricoloured wax. It’s nice to see a label giving the artwork an old-school tread again. This 10″is value for your money, for the oldfashioned DIY jacket, but most of all because of the songs!



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Red Alert / Halbstarke Jungs / Loudmouth – We Stand As One 10″ LP


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