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Aggroshop.com newsletter 13 (july 2013)

Welcome to the 13th newsletter from AGGROSHOP.com

Last two months were extremely busy to us with no less than three new releases. After too many delays we were happy to release the The Halbstarke Jungs / The Warriors – split LP. Also we released the CD-issue of the third full-length by Russia’s finest streetpunk band: Kids Of The Streets.
Last but not least we released the Mess With The Best double EP featuring Rust, Guv’Nors, Revilers and Cracks & Scars. The double EP looks superb and comes in a gatefold cover in oxblood red and bonewhite vinyl.

We are working hard on new releases, one of them is the Oi! Made In Indonesia compilation. We received recordings from nine participating bands by now. Another upcoming release is the debute EP by Italy’s Dead End Street. The band plays skinhead rock’n’roll influenced by Rose Tattoo and and early Oi! tunes.

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New items JULY 2013 (click at the titles to view the item in our webstore)

Manics, The – Just Be There EP 5.50 euro
(The mod sensation from Sweden, gold vinyl)

Manics, The – Please Panic, It’s… CD 10 euro
(Exciting mod from Sweden featuring ex-Clockwork Crew members)

Cash, Johnny – The Fabulous Johnny Cash LP + CD 10 euro
(The third album including the single ‘Don’t Take Your Guns To Town’)

Guthrie, Woody – This Machine Kills Fascists 3CD 9 euro
(Cheap compilation, 66 songs on 3 CD’s)

Giuda – Racey Roller LP 15 euro
(If Slade were on Chiswick Records! Italian boot power glam punk!)

Black Flag – In My Head LP 13.50 euro
(6th studio album from 1985)

Black Flag – Slip It In LP 13.50 euro
(4th album 1984)

Halbstarke Jungs – Dissonant CD 10 euro
(German streetcore, first album)

Iron Cross – Crucified For Your Sins LP 15 euro
(US import. Discography feat. both EP’s, demo’s, 5 live songs + more!)

Minutemen – 3way Tie LP 13.50 euro
(US import. fourth and final full-length)

Minutemen – Double Nickels On The Dime double LP 17.50 euro
(US import. Double album with 45 songs)

Wasted Youth – Knights Of The Oppressed LP 12 euro
(German hardcore, sung in English)

45 Secondes – Burning From The Inside EP + CD 5.50 euro
(French punkband, including 16-track CD)

7er Jungs – Great Days In The Blitz / They Walked In Line 7″ 5.50 euro
(German Oi! band, flipside features a great Joy Division cover)

Badlands – Capital of Spirit 7″ 5.50 euro
(Back once more. Acoustic Oi!)

Black Marias, The – A Clockwork Army CD 10 euro
(German reissue from their debute album. English streetpunk with sing-a-long chorusses)

Blind Pigs – Sentinela Dos Mares 7″ 5.50 euro
(Streetpunk from Brazil on Pirates Press!)

Bonecrusher / Oxymoron – Noize Overdose double CD 8.50 euro
(US and german streetpunk heroes team up)

Bootboys – Cervezas Por Todas Partes EP 6 euro
(Oi! from Chile, South-America. Four songs inspired by Evil Conduct and Booze & Glory)

Bouncing Souls – The Gold Record LP 13 euro
(US punkrock)

Business, The – Mean Girl 10″ LP 10 euro
(Their latest release so far. White vinyl)

Chapter 21 – Ashes 7″ 5.50 euro
(American Oi! from the 90ies feat. Perry from The Templars)

Chépa – Casse Le Masque CD 8 euro
(French punk)

Damned, The – Punk Generation: Best Of Oddities & Versions CD 6 euro
(English punk legends, demo’s and rarities)

Descendents – Bonus Fat 12″ EP 12.50 euro
(Reissue of the Fat EP with bonus tracks)

Descendents – Somery double LP 17.50 euro
(double LP compiling 5 EP’s)

Foreign Legion – Punkrock Jukebox EP 4.50 euro
(Welsh punkband, not unlike Red Alert and Red London)

Franks, The – Treadwheel EP 5.50 euro
(Superb and traditional sounding Oi! from Sweden)

Halbstarke Jungs / Warriors, The – split LP 12 euro
(Streetcore from Germany v.s. English Oi! veterans!)

Janitors, The – self titled 10″ LP 12.50 euro
(The long awaited follow-up album, amazing sound)

Kids Of The Streets – Burn It Down CD 10 euro
(Moscow Region skinheads. Streetpunk with depth: catchy agrressive and melodic)

Kids Of The Streets – Burn It Down LP 12 euro
(Vinyl issue available on black, red or yellow vinyl)

Old Firm Casuals / Razorblade / The Corps / Booze & Glory – Oi! Ain’t Dead split LP 12 euro
(Oi! and hard edged streetpunk from the USA, Netherlands, Australia and England)

Oldfashioned Ideas – Fight Back EP 5.50 euro
(Straightforward Swedish Oi!)

Oppressed, The / Wasted Youth – 2 Generations / 1 Message EP 5.50 euro
(Oi! from Cardiff / HC from Germany)

Paris Violence / Kid Chaos – Confins De L’Enfer EP 5.50 euro
(French punk on both sides)

Peter And The Test Tube Babies / Reazione ‎- Very Disaster!!! CD 10 euro
(Back in stock)

Razorblade – Days Of Glory LP + CD 12 euro
(Brickwall Oi! from the Netherlands with free CD version)

Red Alert – Wearside LP 10 euro
(Long running punkband from Sunderland)

Revilers / Bulldozer – Always making friends EP 5.50 euro
(Last Bulldozer recordings / US hardcore-rock’n’roll-Oi!)

Riot Brigade – Here’s Our Answer CD 6 euro
(German streetpunk inspired by Anti Flag)

Riot Company / Foreign Legion – Salute To The Boys EP 5.50 euro
(German streetpunk / longrunning Welsh punk band)

Sham 69 / Klasse Kriminale – Dal Vivo In Italia LP 12 euro
(Recorded live in Bologna, Italy in 1997)

Social Distortion – Recordings Between Then And Now LP 15 euro
(Unreleased recordings, radio sessions, etc. Acoustic versions)

Street Dogs – Crooked Drunken Sons EP 5.50 euro
(New Street Dogs 7″! Red vinyl)

Street Dogs – Rust Belt Nation EP 5.50 euro
(New Street Dogs recordings. Dark green vinyl)

Ten Beers After – Bootboy Rock N Roll CD 10 euro
(Skinhead rock’n’roll from Athens, Greece. Ex-Soberphobia)

Up Yours – Deception 10″ 10 euro
(Spanish rock’n’Oi! not unlike The Crack)

Various – Barbed Wire Love, A Tribute To Stiff Little Fingers EP 4.50 euro
(Tribute to the Stiff Little Fingers)

Various – United We Stand – The Front Lines Of American Street Punk double LP 25 euro
(Compilation with the finest american streetpunk bands. US import)

Various – Mess With The Best double EP 10 euro
(Hard edged Punk and Oi!, 2 EP’s – 4 bands – 8 songs)

65 Mines Street – Fix The Clock! CD 10 euro
(French ska & reggae with (ex)members from Two Tone Club, The Rebel Assholes and Taste in Vibes)

Barrington Levy – Sweet Reggae Music LP 12 euro
(Jamaican singer started in the late 70ies and worked with a.o. the Roots Radics (Channel One))

Dillon, Phyllis / McCook, Tommy & The Supersonics 7″ 7 euro
(Treasure Isle reissue, produced by Duke Reid)

Ethiopians, The – Freedom Train LP 15 euro
(2013 reissue)

Groovin’ Jailers, The – Catchy Reggae 10″ LP 10 euro
(Funky reggae from France. Dance!)

Isaacs, Gregory – Willow Tree CD 6 euro

King Tubby – King Tubby’s Hometown Hi-Fi LP 15 euro
(Recordings 1975-1979)

Melodians, The / U Roy – Everybody Bawling 7″ 7 euro
(Treasure Isle reissue, produced by Duke Reid)

Perry, Lee – At WIRL Records LP 15 euro
(LP with frogotten recordings)

Revolutionaries – Macca Roots Man Dub CD CD 6 euro
(Channel One house band)

Various – Trojan Presents Boss Reggae 2CD 11.50 euro
(Back in stock! 40 reggae scorchers)

Various – The History Of Blue Beat – BB76-BB100 3CD-box 6.50 euro
(Part four in the singles collection series. Compiling the A and B-sides from BB76-BB100)

Various – The History Of Blue Beat – BB50-BB76 3CD-box 6.60 euro
(Part three in the singles collection series. Compiling the A and B-sides from BB50-BB75)

Various – The History Of Blue Beat – BB26-BB50 3CD-box 6.60 euro
(Part two in the singles collection series. Compiling the A and B-sides from BB26-BB50)

Various – The History Of Blue Beat – BB01-BB25 3CD-box 6.60 euro
(Part one in the singles collection series. Compiling the A and B-sides from BB76-BB100)

Suedehead – Lying In Bed 7″ 6 euro
(upcoming US soul/powerpop band, follow up release)

Aggro Beat CD package 25 euro
(the first three CD-releases on Aggro Beat: No Man’s Land, Cracks & Scars and Kids Of The Streets)

Various – Oi! This Is Streetpunk volumes 1,2&3 39.50 euro
(All parts in the ‘Oi! This Is Streetpunk’-series: 11″LP + 12″LP + 12″LP + 1″ button)


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