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BLIND PIGS (Brazil – streetpunk)

Recently i picked up a 7″ by the Brazilian streetpunk band Blind Pigs. Honestly i knew very little about this band, even though they exist twenty years by now. Enough reason to contact the band for a short interview. All questions were answered by Henrike (vocals).
June 2013 – Band website


First of all, can you please introduce the band and the members to us?
Blind Pigs are me (Henrike) on vocals and Gordo on guitar and vocals, we are the founding members. Arnaldo, our drummer has recorded most of our albums and has played and recorded for Brazilian punk legends, Olho Seco. Fabiano on guitar has been with us since 2004. And Galindo our bass player joined the band in 2006.

This year you are celibrating your 20 year existence. Are there any special releases or events planned to celibrate the anniversary?
Yes. We have just released our entire discography (previously only available on CD) on a Brazilian label. The LP’s are pressed in 10″ format and are issued on coloured vinyl in a limited of 250 copies each. The records are São Paulo Chaos from 1997, The Punks Are Alright from 2000, Blind Pigs from 2002 and Herois ou Rebeldes from 2006. All records are pressed by Pirates Press and released in Brazil by Hearts Bleed Blue.

We just finished our 20th Anniversary Brazilian Tour and there is also a new album out called Capitânia which was released 10″ clear vinyl by Zona Punk. Recently we also released a 7″ single on Pirates Press Records which we are really proud of. It’s an honor to be on such a cool punk label.


Brazil brought us some wellknown and famous bands like the metal band Sepultura or the hardcore band Ratos de Porão and during the 90ies crustpunk bands like Abuso Sonoro also received worldwide attention. Do you have any idea why brazilian streetpunk never received the same attention?
Well, I guess it’s because the above mentioned bands have been touring Europe for a while. The street punk bands from Brazil make up a relatively new scene and are more focused on Brazil.

Brazil is the largest country in South-America yet also the only country in the region where the people speak portguese instead of spanish. Does the language barrier hinders contacts with the region?
Language has never been a problem. We used to sing in English back in the early 90s, but now we only compose songs in Portuguese.


I noticed that in other south-american countries the punk & skinhead is very political with both Blood & Honour as well as redskin groups. How is this situation in Brazil?
I can’t really speak for other bands, but yes, there are some street punk bands here that are openly left wing and members of Anti Fascist organizations. We choose not to fly any flags. We are a Punk Rock band, plain and simple. No labels, we hate labels, they only fracture and split the scene.


Recently you hooked up with Pirates Press. How did you came in touch with them?
Well, it’s a long story, but the owner of the label, Skippy, crashed at my place here in São Paulo when Cock SParrer played here. We became good friends. I’ve helped them a bit down here with promotion and so on. When we released the new album, Capitânia, he was impressed and asked to release a single from the record. We were honored, I mean, it’s just a fucking honour to be on the same label as Street Dogs, Bonecrusher and Cock SParrer. Pirates Press Records will release Capitânia on a limited edition 10″ picture disc by the end of 2013.

Do you have any closing comments?
Yeah, listen to our new album, punk rock is a worldwide phenomenon!!! The language barriers are non existant, music speaks for itself! Oi!



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Blind Pigs – Sentinela Dos Mares 7″


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