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FTA – demo 2013

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Even though it seems a growing number of skinheads becomes vegetarian, vegan or straight edge, the combination of Oi! and animal rights remains an infrequent combination. But FTA from France are out to break the mold.


Unfortunately the band didn’t include any lyrics with this demo CD but with titles like Animal Liberation Now!, Life Is A Fucking Fight and Freedom you might guess the content of the lyrics.

Because the band hails from France and because they have female vocals a comparison with Jeunesse Apatride from Montreal might be obvious but justified. Except that FTA sounds a bit rawer one can drew parallels with the early recordings from Jeunesse Apatride.

Although these are just demo recordings it has to be said that the sound is better than some of the ‘real’ releases that sometimes see daylight. The band plays tight and created an energetic sound. An excellent debute!



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