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SubRockers miniCD

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Founded by (ex) members of bands like Antidote, Disturbance, I Reject yet this doesn’t sound like any of the bands they have been in before. This mini CD is the band’s first relealse and it blew me away. The band plays tight rock’n’roll and they managed to catch a full live sound on this CD. The SubRockers play punk driven rock’n’roll like a rawer version of Rose Tattoo or a rocking version of The Damned…. Perhaps pubrock revivalists would be a fine description.


Biggest surprise on this album are Rob’s vocals. I knew Rob through his band Disturbance with which he got positive criticism for doing a perfect approach to the sound of the early days of The Exploited. With SubRockers he again proves he has a good and powerfull voice but he also proves he has the capacity to use his voice in different ways.

My only doubt is that thinking out of the box seems to be hard for some punks & skins, but on the other hand, the recent enthusiastic reactions towards bands like Penny Cocks or Giuda prove enough people can.



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