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City Saints – Kicking Ass For The Working Class CD

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Founded in 2012 but with over 20 years of experience. City Saints consist of (ex) members from bands like Perkele, Rickshaw and Chillihounds. Altough founded only a year ago the band doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet and within a short period of time the band presents their debute release: a package including their debute CD + a bonus DVD.


The music doesn’t fit in just one category, a best description would be a mixture of bands like The Ramones, Eddie and the Hotrods, The Cliché’s and Rose Tattoo. But also bands like Judasville and Status Quo cross my mind. The result is a CD with rock’n’roll tunes which will most likely appeal to punks, skinheads as well as rockers.

Some songs are obvious references to great bands from the past; The songs Slippery Joe reminds me to Cock Sparrer’s Argy Bargy while the song City Saints reminds me to Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades. But apart from these winks, most songs have an identity of their own.

Their debute comes with an extended DVD including interviews, making of and other interesting material. An impressive debute!




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