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Rust / On The Job – split EP

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This EP was released a while ago but since i received it only recently and because it’s too good to ignore i’ll still write a review for it.


The A-side features Rust from Australia. Openingstune Oi! Oi! Aussie can be considered as a band anthem. Like more Australian Oi! bands the band found inspiration in bands like Rose Tattoo and AC/DC. Mid tempo rock & roll inspired Oi! tunes completed with powerful voice.

For the Swedish On The Job this was one of their first releases. If i’m correct these songs were even recorded before their debute album from the same year. The sound on this EP is a bit rougher then the rock’n’Oi! sound they developed on later releases, but the contours of their current sound is already audible.

This EP might be a bit difficult to find but try to find it as it’s value for your money.

35 / 40



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