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Bullets – Hotter Reggae 7″ (picture disc)

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The Bullets are a name i heard more often, but somehow i never picked up any of their releases. Now i have listened to this single i have to admit that the blame is on me.


The band was founded by Aggrolites organist Roger Rivas, and indeed there are lots of musical simularites with their bigger brother. This picture disc single issues two instrumentals from their Sweet Misery album.

The song Hotter Reggae sounds like it could have been written for the selftitled Aggrolites album from 2007, but also Jackie Mittoo during his Studio One years crosses my mind.

Explosion on the flipside somehow reminds me to The Maytals (apart from the organ of course). With equations as these you know you won’t be dissapointed if you are into skinhead reggae.

Meanwhile it became a bit quiet around this band. I hope they’ll continue and this single was enough motivation for me to go out and found their other releases as well.



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