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Black Marias – Clockwork Army CD

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The band originally released their debute album by themselves in 2011. After it sold out the German label Poink Records released a reissue.


The Black Marias take their inspiration from bands like Angelic Upstarts and Sham 69 but i also hear some UK Subs and Cock Sparrer. The result is a catching mixture of punk and Oi! which will attract both punks and skins.

A major plus about the band are the clean vocals. I have absolutely no problem with growling or the typical pinched vocals, but bands like the Upstarts, Sparrer or – more recently – Marching Orders didn’t build up a reputation with catchy guitar lines only.

It’s difficult to name some songs as personal favourites. Even though this is a good album with no weak songs or fillers, it’s also an album with no real upward peaks. Yet most bands don’t manage to perform so consistently perform at their debut album.




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