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Midnight Tattoo EP

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In 2011 the band recorded a few songs on a promo CDr. The songs on this promo were far from earth shaking but charming for a debut release.


A year and a half later the band is back with a follow-up release. The opening song Prejudice is too simple for my taste and would better be skipped, but the longer this the EP lasts the better it gets.

The song Six Pack Therapy is a mid-tempo Oi! song which reminds me to bands such as Evil Conduct and Booze & Glory. This type of music fits well with Michiel’s voice.

On the flip side it’s the same ilk: mid-tempo songs, sing-along chorusses… Since the band was founded they’re very active with playing and organising gigs, in combination with the straightforward Oi! tunes, i expect to hear about them in the future.




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