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Aggroshop.com newsletter 12 (may 2013)

Welcome to the 12th newsletter from AGGROSHOP.com

A few weeks ago we approved the testpress of The Halbstarke Jungs / The Warriors – split LP. Due to circumstances at the pressing plant this is LP is again delayed. The release date is set at the 21st of may. All pre-orders will be shipped during the weekend prior to the release date.

Halbstarke Jungs recently did their first tour through England, you can read an interview with HJ-singer Basti about this tour on our blog: oioimusic.com.

The third album by Kids Of The Streets from Russia is also at the the pressing plant. The album Burn It Down will appear in CD-format in a 6-panel digipack with a 23-page glued booklet. Just like the Halbstarke Jungs / Warriors split LP, the release date is set at the 21st of may. We started taking pre-orders. Meanwhile you can read an interview with the band from 2011 at our blog: oioimusic.com.

We also have a special package for sale including the first three CD’s released on Aggro Beat Records. Click here to order.

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New items MAY 2013 (click at the titles to view the item in our webstore)

Biohazard – Tales From The B-Side CD 6 euro
(B-sides + demo recordings)

Walls Of Jericho – All Hail The Dead / With Devils Amongst Us All 2LP 12 euro
(Vinyl reissue of their 2004 and 2006 albums. Gatefold cover, coloured vinyl)

45 Secondes – Burning From The Inside EP + CD 5.50 euro
(French punkband, including 16-track CD)

Bonecrusher – BLVD Of Broken Dreams LP + CD 15 euro
(US pressing, LP in gatefold cover on coloured vinyl + CD-version + download)

Booze & Glory – Always On The Wrong Side LP 12 euro
(Their meanwhile classic debute album)

Booze & Glory – London Skinhead Crew CD 10 euro
(singles collection)

Booze & Glory feat. Micky Fitz – Back Where We Belong EP 7 euro
(West Ham United tribute, limited to 500 copies, blue/claret vinyl)

Business, The – Doing The Business CD 10 euro
(US pressing of the Mean Girl EP + bonus live tracks)

Chaos Uk – Chaos In Japan CD 6 euro
(Recorded live in Japan during the ealry 90ies)

Chépa – Casse Le Masque CD 8 euro
(French punk)

Corps, The – Bottle Of Rock N Roll 10″ (picture disc) 12 euro
(US pressing 2013)

Ducky Boys / Pinkerton Thugs – split EP 6 euro
(New songs from both! US import)

Harrington Saints – Dead And Broke In The USA CD 12 euro
(Back in stock: debute full-length)

Harrington Saints – Pride & Tradition CD 12.50 euro
(Back in stock: 2nd full-length, blue colour streetpunk)

Halbstarke Jungs / Warriors, The – split LP 12 euro
(Streetcore from Germany v.s. English Oi! veterans!)

Kids Of The Streets – Burn It Down CD 10 euro
(Moscow Region Skinheads, 3th album)

Shame, The – The World Is Ours EP 7.50 euro
(Old School Tulsa Street Punk, coloured vinyl. US import)

Street Dogs – GOP 7″ 5.50 euro
(Back in stock: Menace cover + live song)

Various – Oi! This is Streetpunk 11″ LP 13.50 euro
(11 bands, 11 songs, 11 inches, mustard yellow vinyl)

Various – Oi! This Is Streetpunk volume 3 LP + button 14.50 euro
(12″ LP + 1 ” button (making it 13 inches). Limited edition of 1313 copies on black vinyl)

Lord Creator – Don’t Stay Out Late LP 13 euro
(Greatest hits. Calypso ska from the early 60ies)

Prince Jammy – Computerised Dub LP 13 euro
(Dub record, reissued from 1986)

Upsessions, The – Below The Belt CD CD 10 euro
(Dutch skinhead reggae, third full-length)

Suedehead – Lying In Bed 7″ 6 euro
(upcoming US soul/powerpop band, follow up release)

Peter And The Test Tube Babies – Keep Britain Untidy DVD 5 euro
(Filmed At The Coronet London 29th August 2004)

Aggro Beat CD package 25 euro
(the first three CD-releases on Aggro Beat: No Man’s Land, Cracks & Scars and Kids Of The Streets)

Peter And The Test Tube Babies package 37.50 euro
(3 CD’s + 3 DVD’s)

Various – Oi! This Is Streetpunk volumes 1,2&3 39.50 euro
(All parts in the ‘Oi! This Is Streetpunk’-series: 11″LP + 12″LP + 12″LP + 1″ button)


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